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Sims 4 forum thread tracks 78+ missing features
The author of a thread over in EA’s official forums for The Sims 4 has been in touch to let us know that Sims players have been keeping track of the upcoming game’s cut features.

Latest PC Game News

FIFA 15 trailer explores the existential nightmare of goalkeepers

EA’s Gamescom press event included a hefty segment of FIFA 15 news, including a lot of words about goalkeepers.

Might & Magic Heroes VII announced, Limbic to develop

Good news for those who found Limbic Entertainment did a fine job with Might & Magic X Legacy; they’re now developing Might & Magic Heroes VII.

PES 2015 demo in September, many many features listed

Konami have announced that you’ll be PES-ing your way to glory with a demo of PES 2015 on 17 September.

The Witcher 3 magics up some new Gamescom screenshots

CD Projekt Red are going to keep us waiting for that extended gameplay footage, but in the meantime here are more Witcher 3 screenshots.

Personalised Front Pages and Curators coming to Steam

The good people of SteamDB have once again been delving around inside Steam’s guts, and have found one or two interesting features.

Is Rise of the Tomb Raider really an Xbox exclusive?

Tim has a good, hard think about whether or not Rise of the Tomb Raider is likely to hit other systems.

Armored Warfare’s Gamescom trailer is like tank bingo

If you’re a better tank-spotter than me (everybody is a better tank-spotter than me,) there are plenty to see in this Armored Warfare Gamescom trailer.

Upsilon Circuit is a livestreamed gameshow with actual perma-death

I had serious trouble summarising Robot Loves Kitty’s (Legend of Dungeon) new game Upsilon Circuit, but I think that headline just about works.

League of Legends’ Gnar gets a Champion Spotlight demonstration

RIOT demonstrate the recently revealed League of Legends Champion Gnar and take you through the play style and skills of this Gnarvellous character.

Obsidian Pathfinder banner spotted at Gen Con

Obsidian RPG news is always good news, so this recent sighting of a Pathfinder banner with their name on it is intriguing.

BioWare releases final and firey You’ve Been Chosen teaser

BioWare has put out a fourth and final ‘You’ve Been Chosen’ teaser trailer for their upcoming mystery IP.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor shows Sauron’s servants

Warner releases the latest Tolkien inspired trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Far Cry 4 Gamescom trailer introduces Shangri-La spirit tigers

I have always wanted to fight alongside a mythical spirit tiger, and it looks as if Far Cry 4 will make that a reality.

Ninja Theory announces Hellblade, possibly coming to PC

I feel a bit iffy writing a story about how something might be coming to PC, right now.

DayZ on PS4 is a “win win” for PC, says Dean Hall

One of the more impressive reveals of the Sony Gamescom conference was DayZ on PS4, which didn’t go down brilliantly with all of the PC players.

Paradox announces Hollowpoint, shares new Runemaster video

Paradox had a little section of the Sony Gamescom conference to show off Hollowpoint, a Ruffian Games developed title that the company will be publishing.

DayZ PC Early Access players unimpressed by PS4 announcement

Dean Hall appeared during PlayStation’s Gamescom conference to announce DayZ for the PlayStation 4, which hasn’t gone down too well with some PC players.

Path of Exile Forsaken Masters – Weaponsmaster Vagan revealed

Grinding Gear Games share details of one of the new Masters from the soon to be released Path of Exile mini-expansion.

Sierra returns with Geometry Wars 3 and new King’s Quest

The return of Sierra as a publishing label under Activision’s stern gaze will begin with two releases; one rather more surprising than the other.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt World Setting trailer appears

This isn’t the lengthy gameplay video CD Projekt Red have been teasing, but it is a bit more Witcher 3.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Gamescom footage is rather dull

Everyone! There's new gameplay footage for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, courtesy of the Xbox conference at Gamescom! It's a bit rubbish!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gets a few new shots

It’s people shooting things in a few new screens for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare .

Guild Wars 2 Dragon’s Reach: Part 2 launches

More Guild Wars 2 content is going live for adventurers today.

Rise of the Tomb Raider PC release still uncertain (Updated)

Rise of the Tomb Raider has had another little mention at Gamescom’s Xbox conference, but there’s still no mention of a PC version.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Gamescom Trailer is quite impressive

UbiSoft show more action from Assassin’s Creed Unity as the pre-Gamescom reveals get underway.

Steam Tags system leaves beta, getting Steam lots of clicks

Valve have announced that its Steam Tags system has left beta, and is doing phenomenally well.

Mortal Kombat X trailer reintroduces Kano

The latest video for Mortal Kombat X has returning favourite Kano going up against insectoid newcomer D’Vorah.

HyperX Cloud White Headset Review

Peter finally gets an excuse to use an image of Kate Bush as he critiques Kingston’s new white edition of the HyperX Cloud headset.

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition adds some RPG to its Terminators

Full Control have announced Space Hulk: Ascension Edition, a new stand-alone Space Hulk game that looks like it shakes things up quite a bit.

Killing Floor 2 trailer includes some familiar and horrible faces

In this second ‘confidential specimen’ video, Tripwire introduces (or re-introduces) some familiar faces to Killing Floor 2.