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Plants vs. Zombies Half-Price On Steam

Valve has revealed that PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies is temporarily half-price on Steam.PopCap’s brilliant action-strategy tower defence game asks you to defend your lawn by growing a variety of different plants, ranging from the bog-standard Peashooters through the stoic Wall-nuts, all the way to Doom Shrooms.Plants vs.

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Combat Arms Adds Zombies In Content Update

Nexon America has announced that a new content update will introduce Quarantine Mode to Combat Arms, the online FPS.

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Plants vs Zombies Heading To XBLA

Ridiculously popular PopCap tower defense game Plants vs Zombies is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade.Speaking to Worthplaying at Casual Connect in Seattle, PopCap’s Garth Chouteau revealed that the title will be making an appearance on XBLA, but wouldn’t give any hints as to possible new content, achievements, or a release date.Plants vs Zombies deserves the glorious amount of love it basks in as a deeply clever and very cute tower defense game in which you grow plants, usually with a pun-inspired name, to prevent the hordes of zombies from breaking into your house and devouring your tasty, tasty brains.

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Dying Light getting a one-day superpowered event tomorrow

If you fancy playing Dying Light with near-superpowers, tomorrow’s one-day event has you covered.

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DayZ zombie horde mode demonstrated with new AI

Run like the wind because these DayZ zombies are super fast and they come in packs.

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Rebellion offers seven reasons to upgrade to Zombie Army Trilogy

Even if you own Nazi Zombie Army and its sequel, Rebellion reckons Zombie Army Trilogy is worth your cash.

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Zombie Army Trilogy gets release date

Rebellion’s nazi zombies shamble on to PC next month.
The third instalment in Rebellion’s zombie sniping shooter Zombie Army Trilogy will be coming to the PC on 6 March.

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Dying Light Easter egg guides – Here’s everything so far

Techland obviously love their Easter eggs in Dying Light. If you want to know where they all are then watch these.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC due 26 Feb for PC

In an announcement that should surprise precisely nobody, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC will be coming to the PC one month after the Xbox One date.

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IncGamers PC Gaming Podcast #199

Roll up, roll up, bend your ears to another IncGamers Podcast.

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IncGamers Plays – Dying Light, co-op molotov drop-kick style

Dying Light is a game with drop-in/drop-out co-operative play, and Techland (or agents acting on their behalf, I don’t really know) were generous enough to provide us with three keys.

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Dying Light’s launch trailer is predictably action-packed

Dying Light is due out tomorrow, which means it’s launch trailer time.

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Dying Light co-op mode demoed by the devs

There’s potentially more fun to be had when you’re slashing zombies together.

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SOE’s senior game designer apologises for “lying” about H1Z1 airdrops

SOE and H1Z1‘s senior game designer steps up and takes the heat over the pay to win debate and the airdrop system.

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H1Z1 now available on Early Access, after successive delays [Updated]

The planned 15 January Early Access release for H1Z1 ended up slipping into 16 January in a few timezones, but the title is now available to buy (and, more importantly, play) through Steam.

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