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F1 2011 Co-op Championhsip Mode dev diary

Codies show how you can play with your buddies as part of the the same F1 team.

8 Sep 2011 | Comments Off

Free co-op DLC coming to Wahammer 40k: Space Marine

Relic’s third-person Ork-explode-em-up title Warhammer 40K: Space Marine is released next week, but already has some DLC on the way.

2 Sep 2011 | Comments Off

Battlefield 3, new trailer, screens & co-op details

As you might expect, there’s a fair old amount of Battlefield 3 stuff coming out of Gamescom.

16 Aug 2011 | Comments Off

Call of Juarez: The Cartel’s intriguing co-op play revealed

The Cartel’s last trailer was a load of controversy-baiting bobbins, but this one makes the teamwork side of things look pretty interesting.

17 Jun 2011 | Comments Off

New Dungeon Siege 3 trailer gets co-operative

The latest Dungeon Siege 3 video has quick run-through of the four playable characters, before showing them in a spot of co-operative action.

6 May 2011 | Comments Off

Free co-op coming to The Settlers 7

Ubisoft will be giving co-op functionality to all Settlers 7 players in a forthcoming patch, while some £4.00 GBP DLC adds a few new maps.

20 Apr 2011 | Comments Off

Operation Flashpoint: Red River Co-Op Trailer

More action from the frontlines in this new trailer for Codemasters’ Operation Flashpoint: Red River.

11 Apr 2011 | Comments Off

Brink to ‘bridge the gap between single player, co-op and multiplayer’

Richard Ham, Creative Director on Brink, says that the game will ‘bridge the gap between single player, co-op and multiplayer once and for all’ and that the industry too easily forgets ‘players reward bold innovation’.

31 Mar 2011 | Comments Off

F.E.A.R. 3 – Divergent Co-op Behind the Scenes Video

Warner Bros Interactive’s latest video for F.E.A.R 3 shows what makes the co-op match-up of Point Man and Paxton Fettel unique.

14 Jan 2011 | Comments Off

Darkspore Four Player Co-op Trailer

EA and Maxis show the four player co-op mode from their upcoming action RPG due out early 2011.

6 Dec 2010 | Comments Off

23 Nov 2010 | Comments Off

Trine 2, Co-Op Footage

Atlus has magically summoned a fresh Trine 2 trailer, which briefly exhibits some of the co-op play possible in the sequel.

12 Oct 2010 | Comments Off

New Portal 2 Trailer Shows Co-Op Footage

Valve has released an extended co-op trailer for Portal 2, originally shown at PAX.

9 Sep 2010 | Comments Off

Portal 2 Co-Op Screens

Valve has used PAX to release a few images highlighting the co-op mode that will be present in Portal 2.

4 Sep 2010 | Comments Off

Torchlight II, Co-Op Trailer

Runic Games has released a teaser for Torchlight II, showing off the ability to form workers co-operatives (or ‘co-ops’) in the forthcoming sequel.

18 Aug 2010 | Comments Off

10 Aug 2010 | Comments Off

8 Jul 2010 | Comments Off

Global Agenda: Co-op Video

The IncGamers team tackle an early Global Agenda mission, in the latest IGTV video.

5 Feb 2010 | Comments Off

Splinter Cell Co-op Mode Split Screen Confirmed

Ubisoft has confirmed that the co-op mode of the upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction will feature split screen action.

11 Jan 2010 | Comments Off

Splinter Cell Conviction – Co-op Trailer

Third Echelon and Voron unite to dispose of a rogue Russian agent in this Splinter Cell Conviction trailer

18 Dec 2009 | Comments Off