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22 Oct 2010 | Comments Off

Microsoft Closing Massive Inc

There was a real buzz about in-game advertising a few years ago and Massive Inc were at the forefront of bringing ads to gamers inside their favourites games.

9 Oct 2010 | Comments Off

Rumour: Microsoft targeting Second Life

Following a number of tips from various Twitter accounts, reports are beginning to surface stating that Microsoft made an offer for Second Life developer Linden Labs.

30 Sep 2010 | Comments Off

21 Sep 2010 | Comments Off

Microsoft Reveals Flight

Microsoft has today revealed the secret of flight, a concept that has eluded our finest scientists throughout the 19th century.

17 Aug 2010 | Comments Off

17 Aug 2010 | Comments Off

"Microsoft Killed A Killer Project" – Sood On Cross-Platform Gaming

Rahul Sood, founder of Voodoo PC and CTO of the gaming division at HP, has said Microsoft were responsible for killing cross-platform gaming.

22 Jul 2010 | Comments Off

Microsoft Reveals Windows XP Is Still Going Strong

Speaking at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, the company’s corporate vice president Tammi Reller has said that 74% of business computers are still running Windows XP.

13 Jul 2010 | Comments Off

13 Jul 2010 | Comments Off

8 Jul 2010 | Comments Off

J Allard’s Parting Email To Microsoft

The official Microsoft blog has posted the full text of an internal email sent by J Allard, on the subject of his impending departure.

26 May 2010 | Comments Off

24 May 2010 | Comments Off

Microsoft Sends Inspectors to KYE Systems Factory

Writing on Microsoft’s official blog, Brian Tobey (the corporate vice president of manufacturing and operations, entertainment and devices) has described the company as “very concerned” by a National Labor Committee (NLC) report about workforce conditions.

15 Apr 2010 | Comments Off

Microsoft’s Chinese Workforce: "We Are Like Prisoners"

A shocking new report by the National Labor Committee has condemned the working conditions within a KYE Systems factory in China.

14 Apr 2010 | Comments Off

Microsoft Working On Muscle Controlled Control System

Microsoft Reasearch is currently researching an EMG based controllerfor the use in videogame sand other input devices.The EMG system Microsoft Research has been working on has been demonstarted in a new video highlighting some of the applications that could benefit from an EMG (electromyography) based control system strapped the the forearm to decode muscle signals on the surface of the skin.The demonstration video shows a researcher playing Guitar Hero by pushing fingers together while strumming with the other arm removing the need for peripherals.

4 Jan 2010 | Comments Off

Microsoft Patent Targets Fat Gamers?

A patent filed by Microsoft for “Avatar Individualized by Physical Characteristic” appears to be targeting overweight gamers.The patent that’s been filed outlines plans to assign larger game avatars based on an individual’s real weight and size which they say will reflect “many of the incentives of the real world replicated in a virtual environment”.

18 Dec 2009 | Comments Off

Microsoft: Windows 7 Will Be Dominant PC Gaming Platform

Microsoft is confident that Windows 7 will be the gaming platform of choice on PC.Speaking to MCV, Microsoft’s director of consumer product management Parri Munsell said “We believe Windows 7 is going to be the dominant PC gaming platform.””If there is any hesitancy – perhaps we have people still on XP because they had issues with Vista – those days are over.

1 Oct 2009 | Comments Off

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Will Never Support OnLive

OnLive will never get the support from console developers.The claims were made by Gaikai founder David Perry in a recent interview with Develop.”A pretty obvious difference between ourselves and OnLive is the fact that they’ll never have an Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft game on their system.” he said.Perry added, “The OnLive team are positioning it as something where you won’t need a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii any more; you can just have their box.”He also stated he hoped Gaikai would feature console game support after showcasing Mario Kart on the preview.”What I expect is one of the platform holders will do a trial with us, and the others, when they see what happens, will kind of be forced to follow suit.” 

10 Jul 2009 | Comments Off

Microsoft E3 Conference: The Full Story

Now that, there? That Microsoft conference? That was bloody impressive.
Perhaps E3 last year dulled our expectations sufficiently that the one this year is capable of really blowing our minds.

2 Jun 2009 | Comments Off

Microsoft Settles Homophobia Case

Microsoft have reportedly settled the pending litigation regarding homophobic treatment of one of its staff members.Lionhead artist Jamie Durrant suffered homophobic abuse from January 2008, reports the Telegraph.Upon complaining to Human Resources, Durrant claims he was asked not to raise a formal grievance in order to prevent creating an “uneasy atmosphere.” He apparently agreed, on condition that an email was sent out reminding people “how to behave responsibly in a diverse office.” Durrant claimed that months passed without the email being sent, and when he questioned HR on the delay, he was allegedly informed that new policies would have to be drawn up before such an email could be sent out.Durrant had since been off sick with depression for 7 months, and sued the company for £45,000Now, however, it looks as though the matter has been settled.

6 Apr 2009 | Comments Off