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BioShock Infinite actors discuss Booker and Elizabeth

Irrational Games discuss the characters of Booker and Elizabeth in this new video.

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Bioshock Infinite E3 gameplay demo

2K and Irrational have released the full E3 2011 gameplay demo for Bioshock Infinite.

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Ken Levine talks more Bioshock Infinite

A couple of new videos today for Bioshick Infinite with Ken Levine
Creative Director for Bioshock Infintite Ken levine discusses the Columbia’s factions at War and Sky-Lines in these new videos.

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Horsin’ around: new Bioshock Infinite images

It’s quite a bold statement to use CG images of a dead horse as promotional tools, but that’s what Bioshock Infinite has chosen to do in these latest screenshots.

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Bioshock 2’s Minerva’s Den finally coming to PC

‘Tis a tale whispering of in dark corners of long-forgotten taverns; the tale of the legendary Minerva’s Den DLC release for a system called … the PC.

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You (yes, you) could feature in BioShock Infinite

In a slightly unusual move, Irrational Games has decided to offer people the chance to get their name in Bioshock Infinite.

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Bioshock 2 DLC Still Coming To The PC … Eventually

Remember when 2K said no more Bioshock 2 DLC was coming out on the PC, then changed their minds and said it was and then nothing happened for another three months?

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Developer Confirms BioShock Infinite PS3 Is ‘Not A Port’

Developer Irrational Games wants to assure gamers that BioShock Infinite for the PS3 will not be a port.

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Four New Bioshock Infinite Screens Released By Irrational

Irrational Games continues the drip-feed of Bioshock Infinite materials, before a somewhat distant 2012 launch.

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Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Footage

The much-trailed Bioshock Infinite footage that was shown behind closed doors at GamesCom last month has finally made it online.

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New Bioshock Infinite Screens

After filling in a few of the Bioshock Infinite info-blanks for us, Irrational has released a small set of fresh screenshots from the game.

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Bioshock Infinite, Information Roundup

Ahead of tomorrow’s public reveal of the gameplay footage that was shown at GamesCom, Irrational Games has been posting a series of ‘things you should know about Bioshock Infinite’ snippets.

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Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den Release And Trailer

Bioshock 2’s first piece of single player-oriented DLC, Minerva’s Den is available to download today from Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network (priced at 800 MS Points or $10.00 USD.)
Sadly, the PC version is currently missing in action, with the only clue being that it will be released “at a later date.” So, only console owners will currently be able to explore Rapture Central Computing and attempt to take on the rogue AI known as The Thinker.

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BioShock Infinite Preview

The settings appear to be polar opposites: while BioShock and BioShock 2 were set in the crumbling underwater paradise of Rapture, Irrational Games has moved BioShock Infinite into a city in the sky.

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Bioshock: Infinite "To Demand More Out Of The Player"

Speaking to Joystiq, Ken Levine has revealed more of the design philosophy behind the newly-announced Bioshock: Infinite and how the game mechanics will challenge players.

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Bioshock: Infinite Announced

Irrational Games has finally revealed “Project Icarus” to be Bioshock: Infinite, with a trailer now viewable at the teaser site.

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BioShock Movie: “It’s A Huge Bill”

The producer of the BioShock movie has revealed how the desire to remain true to the game has affected the film’s budget.

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Take-Two: Bioshock 2 "Profitable" But "Not Hugely Successful"

Speaking to VentureBeat, CEO of Take-Two Ben Feder has noted that although Bioshock 2 was “profitable” for the publisher, he considers it “ultimately successful, but not hugely successful.”
Accurate sales data is always difficult to find in these cases, but back in June 2009 Take-Two’s Strauss Zelnick suggested that the original Bioshock had sold (at that time) around three million copies.

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Irrational Posts The Original Bioshock Pitch Document

Irrational Games has posted a very interesting document for fans of the game design process: the original Bioshock pitch.

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New Bioshock 2 Maps Inaccessible For Most

2K still hasn’t quite got the hang of releasing Bioshock 2 DLC without controversy.First time around, players were surprised to find that all of the necessary DLC data was already present on their systems.Now, people who purchased last week’s Rapture Metro map pack have been wondering why the six new maps included in the download never seem to show up in multiplayer.A post on the official 2K forums by ‘2K Elizabeth’ reveals all.”The DLC maps cycle into the rotation during public matches if everyone in the room owns them, otherwise, base maps are used – that way you can still play with your friends even if they don’t own the new content.”If anybody who does not own the Rapture Metro DLC joins a public match, the new maps will not be used.

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Bioshock 2 Single Player Expansion Announced

2K Games’ latest press release about the Rapture Metro Pack multiplayer DLC also contains a brief mention of a forthcoming single player expansion.

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Bioshock 2 DLC Due Today

Bioshock 2’s previously-delayed DLC now has a release date of 11 May on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.

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