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IncGamers Podcast #177
This week: Star Citizen demos new stuff, Sims 4 reviews withheld, Ubisoft wants to love the PC, the 'spectacular' Kick-Ass 2 and Elite: Dangerous.

Latest PC Game News

Ghost Recon Review

Ghost Recon is the latest ‘soldier sim’ to make it onto the PC from Red Storm, creators of the popular Rainbow6 series.

Battle Realms Review

It’s finally here, the much talked about RTS title Battle Realms from Liquid Entertainment.

IL-2 Sturmovik Review

1C Maddox Games finally got their flight sim IL-2 Sturmovik out the door and onto shop shelves a couple of weeks ago.

Tennis Masters Review

Tennis anyone? That’s a tough question for most PC gamers. Yes, most sports games are better suited for a console especially if you want to go head-to-head with your friends but that’s still no excuse for leaving PC gamers out in the cold when it comes to sports game goodness.

Takeda Review

The history of Japanese feudal warfare has been the subject of many books and movies (mostly Japanese productions) but its representation in computer games has been almost nonexistent, especially in the area of RTS games.

Dark Age of Camelot Review

MMORPG have been all the rage, starting from the early days of Ultima Online to the huge success of Everquest.

Jimmy White’s Cueball World Review

“Snooker loopy nuts are we…” Ok so that’s enough of that, it’s bad enough having Big Break on TV on Saturday nights here in the UK.

Clusterball Review

No, Clusterball is not the name of the sequel to the James Cann, 70’s sci-fi action movie, Rollerball.

Europa Universalis II Review

Let me start off by saying that I haaven’t played the first Europa Universalis game so you won’t find any comparisons with it from me.

MS Train Sim USA Review

When we first took a look at Microsoft Train Simulator we were pleasantly surprised at the game’s playabilty and appeal.

Medal of Honor Review

EA’s Medal of Honor Allied a*ault has been one of those “can’t wait until it comes out” games since it was originally announced there would be a PC version of the popular Playstation game.

Cossacks Art of War Review

GSC return with the expansion to their RTS hit Cossacks. This new add-on, going by the name of Art of War, builds on the historical RTS gameplay fans of the original have come to love, adding new features to keep gamers hooked to the screen.

Aliens vs Predator 2 Review

I have always thought of the Aliens series of games to be sort of the black sheep of first-person shooters.

Command and Conquer Renegade Review

Westwood recently entered into a whole new ball game with the recently released C&C Renegade.

Disciples II Review

Turn-Based Strategy games usually get a bad rap as appealing only to patient gamers and unfortunately, sales numbers typically reflect this.

Ghost Recon Desert Siege Review

Red Storm and Ubi Soft have returned to the stealth shooter fray with the official add-on for their highly popular title of last year Ghost Recon.

Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast Review

This is the third title following the adventures of Kyle Katarn through the Star Wars universe.

Dungeon Siege Review

A few years back journos gathered at the Microsoft booth at E3 in LA waiting for the demo of a new RPG called Dungeon Siege, which was being created by Chris Taylor’s new project Gas Powered Games.

BCT Commander Review

think my editor made a mistake when he sent me this game.

Gun Valkyrie Review

The FormalitiesGunvalkyrie follows the disappearance of a scientist named Dr. Hebble Gate.

Grandia II Review

Grandia II is a linear role-playing game based in a fantasy world, where a war between the God of Light (Granas) and the God of Darkness (Valmar) had been waged long ago.

Destroyer Command Review

The last good naval sim I played was Task Force 1942 from Microprose.

Morrowind Review

After what seems like forever in development Bethesda Softworks have finally managed to get the third installment in the Elder Scrolls series out the door and onto the highstreet.

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Review

Everyone’s favourite hero is back! Duke Nukem returns to the PC once again in SunStorm Interative’s PC platformer Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

Gore Review

Imagine this – you’re running through the hallways of an office complex, firing away at enemies in a first-person shooter game and you turn around the corner and what do you run into?

Sum of All Fears Review

Here’s another Red Storm tactical shooter but this time a movie release comes with it.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Final Cut Review

It’s been a while since I’ve played an adventure game like this.

Neverwinter Nights Review

Well, 60 gameplay hours and two inches of facial hair later, I can emerge from my crypt to tell you that Neverwinter Nights is incredibly addicting.

Super Trucks Review

You’ve got to hand it to the think tank team at Jester Interactive.

Delta Force: Task Force Dagger Review

Boy, does this franchise need a fresh shot in the arm.