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IncGamers Plays The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo
What happens when you let Tim McDonald mould faces like they were plasticine in The Sims 4? Horror. Lots of horror.

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Warframe Update 14 hotfixed to 14.0.1 with a stack of fixes

Warframe Update 14 launched earlier today and there’s already a load of changes been applied to the game.

FIFA 15′s latest trailer explores the intensity of balls

The latest FIFA 15 trailer from EA Sports promises that players will now go through various emotional states on the pitch, just like real actual people.

Elite: Dangerous outlines future expansion plans

The latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter contains a few details about how Frontier Developments plans to expand the game post-release.

Areal releases prototype footage to more accusations

Whatever happens with the Areal Kickstarter, it’ll serve as a useful case study in how not to present your crowd-funding project to the public.

The International 4 Newbie Stream: Can it educate a DOTA 2 dunce?

Peter tries to separate the creeps from the carries with the aid of The International 4‘s Newcomer Stream.

Dark Souls 2′s gargantuan 1.08 calibration patch out now

Everything changes with the release of Dark Souls 2‘s new patch, thanks to all the balance tweaks it contains.

Warframe Update 14 overloads servers causing login issues

Following the release of the Warframe  Update 14 patch this morning, the game is suffering from stability and access issues.

Warframe Update 14 released – Patch notes and tips inside. It’s a big one.

After a short delay, the large Warframe Update 14 has been deployed on the servers.

Styx: Master of Shadows gets a Summer Trailer

In honour of the warmest season, goblin stealth title Styx: Master of Shadows has a new trailer.

Top-down survival horror RPG Darkwood coming soon – Watch the new video

Acid Wizard Studio successfully crowdfunded this horror RPG called Darkwood and it’s coming to Early Access next week.

Warframe Update 14 release slightly delayed – Updated

The Warframe Update 14 is expected today but there has been a delay according to Digital Extremes.

The Evil Within gets another new release date

Originally due in August and then moved to October, Tango Gameworks’ survival horror title The Evil Within is now … still due in October.

Doom 4 is just called Doom, runs on id Tech 6

QuakeCon is an event that’s happening right now over in Dallas, and a place where the fourth Doom game was just shown.

The Elder Scrolls Online hits Steam at 50% off

If you wanted to play an Elder Scrolls-branded MMO that doesn’t actually play much like an Elder Scrolls game, but wanted it on Steam, rejoice!

IncGamers Plays The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo

What happens when you let Tim McDonald mould faces like they were plasticine in The Sims 4? Horror. Lots of horror.

DOTA 2′s The International 4 will be broadcast on ESPN

In “DOTA 2 is getting taken pretty seriously by the outside world” news, Valve has announced that The International 4 will be broadcast live through ESPN3.

The Crew’s closed PC beta begins 21 July, more details revealed

The Crew’s PC closed beta session will be revving up (sorry) sooner than expected, on 21 July.

IncGamers Podcast #173

This week: YouTube publisher payments, Dishonored 2 fake leaks, The International 4, Abyss Odyssey, The Sims 4 and Meridian: New World.

The Walking Dead S2 Episode 4 coming 22 July on PC

As should probably have been expected after the steady release of screenshots, Episode 4 of The Walking Dead’s second season is coming next week.

Sniper Elite 3 DLC demands you Save Churchill, today

A round of Sniper Elite 3 DLC has been fired into Steam, with a mission, a weapons pack, and a free multiplayer update now available.

The Crow’s Eye teaser gets spooky with missing students

An eerie new teaser trailer has been released for upcoming survival horror title The Crow’s Eye.

Defense Grid 2 pre-orders open, contain beta keys

If you want to play Defense Grid 2 early, you can do so by pre-ordering the game right now.

Warframe update 14 goes live today – Thursday 17th

It’s a big day for Warframe players as the game gets a whole load of new features today.

Heroes of the Storm’s Garden of Terror will make you soil yourself

Blizzard has been tilling the ground for a new Heroes of the Storm map, so you can expect the fresh shoots of the three-lane battleground to poke through soon.

Abyss Odyssey getting Nightmare Difficulty, possible Friendly Fire toggle

ACE Team has outlined some upcoming changes that are planned for the first Abyss Odyssey patch, which should please those who don’t enjoy friendly fire.

Heroes of Newerth Hontour: Season 3 kicks off 26 July

S2 Games are getting ready for their biggest eSports event to date for Heroes of Newerth.

Solarix psychological stealth survival horror FPS needs your backing

UK developer Pulsetense Games has been working on their FPS Solarix for three years and they’re looking to finish it with help from backers.

Europa Universalis IV’s Res Publica DLC ushers in Republican Dictatorships

There’s now a brand new way to screw around with world history, as Europa Universalis IV gets its third DLC add-on.

The Walking Dead S2 Episode 4 finds new screens Amid the Ruins

After thoroughly enjoying The Wolf Among Us, I’m about ready to get back into the second season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead.
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