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E3 2012: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes [Preview]

The block-based Batman returns this month (19 June to be precise), and he’s bringing even more heroic friends and dastardly villains with him than ever before.

By Peter Parrish | 6 Jun 2012 | Comments Off

Lego City Undercover unmasked

Nintendo has announced Lego City Undercover for the Wii U.
It looks a lot like a more family-friendly version of Grand Theft Auto from the perspective of the police, in that it looks to be a free-roaming open-world-y title with a focus on crimebusting.

By Tim McDonald | 5 Jun 2012 | 1

The one brick: Lego Lord of the Rings confirmed [Video]

It had already been strongly hinted at by some Lego toy packaging, but now we have confirmation; Lego Lord of the Rings will be coming to multiple platforms this autumn.

By John Robertson | 1 Jun 2012 | Comments Off

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes shares its open world [Video]

It’s beginning to look as though Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes may have more in common with Batman: Arkham City than just the moody promo shots.

By John Robertson | 22 May 2012 | Comments Off

Lego Batman 2 pokes fun at Arkham City

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is showing that it’s still a series that has the ability to amuse, by releasing a handful of new images parodying the super-serious Batman: Arkham City character shots.

By John Robertson | 17 May 2012 | Comments Off

Toy packaging suggests Lego Lord of the Rings title

Eager Lego fans who’ve got their constructive mitts on early releases of the Lord of the Rings sets have confirmed that the packaging also nods towards a coming videogame along the same theme.

By Paul Younger | 10 May 2012 | Comments Off

Minecraft (Xbox 360 Edition) [Review] – Lego for survivalists

Due to a pathological aversion to anything that gets hyped to the skies, until just recently I’d never played the original PC version of Minecraft.

By Peter Parrish | 10 May 2012 | Comments Off

Joker speaks in Lego Batman 2 [Video]

Perhaps this isn’t a surprise to people who’ve been following Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes more closely, but it seems the little brick chaps will be speaking this time around.

By John Robertson | 15 Mar 2012 | Comments Off

Lego ties up Star Wars license for a decade

Lego and Lucasfilm Ltd have announced a mutual renewal of a deal which allows Lego to license the Star Wars universe for toys and games.

By John Robertson | 13 Feb 2012 | Comments Off

Lego Batman 2 coming this summer [Official]

We already knew of its existence, but now it’s finally been made official.

By Paul Younger | 5 Jan 2012 | Comments Off

Lego Harry Potter series concludes this month

Even with the book and film series’ reaching their conclusions, the Potter saga rumbles on.

By Paul Younger | 11 Nov 2011 | Comments Off

Tumbling blocks: Lego Universe to close in 2012

Sad news has been announced by developers NetDevil regarding Lego Universe.

By Paul Younger | 4 Nov 2011 | Comments Off

Levelling system added to Lego Universe

EXP will “inspire players will to explore deeper.”
For the first time since its launch in October 2010, players of Lego Universe can now level up their characters by completing missions and achievements.

By John Robertson | 9 Aug 2011 | Comments Off

LEGO Universe opening free to play zones

Lego Universe is going partially free to play starting from this August.

By Paul Younger | 21 Jun 2011 | Comments Off

LEGO Universe dev is done with MMOs

In an open letter to the wider gaming community, Ryan Seabury, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of END Games, explains why he has “decided to get out of the MMO game.”
Ryan Seabury — An open letter to my fellow developers and gamers who follow the industry.

By Paul Younger | 24 May 2011 | Comments Off

Pinheads: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 announced

In a move sure to surprise the world, TT Games and Warner Bros.

By Paul Younger | 19 May 2011 | Comments Off

LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean – Curse Of The Black Pearl Trailer

TT Games have a busy few months ahead, gearing up for the release of two major LEGO titles: Star Wars Episode 3; The Clone Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

By Paul Younger | 9 Mar 2011 | Comments Off

LEGO Star Wars III: Voice Acting Trailer

Even if you’re not all that interested in Star Wars, LEGO or indeed the combination of those two things, it’s worth watching this video to see actors attempt a script comprised entirely of strange noises.

By Paul Younger | 27 Jan 2011 | Comments Off