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Grey Goo Petroglyph Interview

Released in late January, Grey Goo is a Real Time Strategy title with clear inspiration from the 90s greats like Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation and Dune II.

By Paul Younger | 14 Feb 2015 | 2

Dota 2 players unhappy with New Bloom event

Server problems and pay-to-win are making the Dota 2 community displeased with Year Beast Brawl, the event for this year’s New Bloom Festival.

By Tim McDonald | 14 Feb 2015 | 19

The Escapists: A Beginner’s Guide, Hints & Tips for Inmates

You don’t need the late Tommy Vance to tell you that prison isn’t a particularly fun place to be locked up.

By Peter Parrish | 13 Feb 2015 | 0

Crusader Kings 2 infographic does not count murdered family members

Paradox have revealed a Crusader Kings 2 infographic, but in a depressing twist, it does not include the total number of family members players have offed.

By Tim McDonald | 13 Feb 2015 | 1

Evolve FOV fix can increase the default 60 view

To the delight of anybody who finds low FOV settings in PC games a recipe for motion sickness and headaches, Evolve’s default view can be tweaked.

By Peter Parrish | 13 Feb 2015 | 0

World of Warcraft to receive graphical wizardry in 6.1 update

World of Warcraft is an old game but Blizzard are continuing to offer graphical enhancements in the 6.1 update.

By Paul Younger | 12 Feb 2015 | 1

Homeworld Remastered Preview

When Gearbox picked up the Homeworld IP from the now defunct THQ we were a little surprised.

By Paul Younger | 12 Feb 2015 | 0

Day 3 of Dota 2’s New Bloom Festival update details everything

The third day of the New Bloom Festival update for Dota 2 is upon us, which means many, many details for what this patch entails.

By Tim McDonald | 11 Feb 2015 | 0

Darkest Dungeon Early Access Impressions

I’ve delved into many a dungeon, in my years. Other than the real-world stuff of going around a local castle at night (long after it had closed for the day), I’ve sent adventurers into all sorts of virtual crypts and caves since I started playing games.

By Tim McDonald | 11 Feb 2015 | 2

Homeworld Remastered Interview with Brian Martel and Chris Faylor

The mere mention of the name Homeworld brings with it a flurry of warm fuzzies for basically anyone who was PC gaming at the time.

By Rich Nolan | 10 Feb 2015 | 3

Deus Ex Universe gets a hirsute GDC presentation

At last, it’s confirmed that Deus Ex Universe will feature people with hair in it.

By Peter Parrish | 9 Feb 2015 | 4

Cities XXL Review

The teeny-tiny cities of EA’s most recent SimCity appear to have sparked an interest in the city building genre among other developers.

By Paul Younger | 9 Feb 2015 | 3

Underworld Ascendant Interview: Paul Neurath on immersive design

As the founder of Blue Sky Productions (later to become Looking Glass Studios,) Paul Neurath is partially responsible for some of the most innovative PC titles of the 1990s.

By Peter Parrish | 6 Feb 2015 | 9

Game of Thrones: Episode 2 – The Lost Lords Review

In what is now pretty much the standard IncGamers episodic game review fashion, this article will have glaring SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Episode One.

By Peter Parrish | 5 Feb 2015 | 1

League of Legends RP and IP exploit being fixed by RIOT

RIOT are sorting dodgy store access after exploit was discovered by the community.

By Paul Younger | 3 Feb 2015 | 0

Apotheon Review

As even the most casual student of mythology knows, the Ancient Greek gods could be a spiteful, arrogant, and jealous bunch.

By Peter Parrish | 3 Feb 2015 | 4

Game of Thrones Episode 2 screens show people looking stern

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords comes out tomorrow (3 February) on PC, and to remind you of that fact Telltale have put out a handful of new screenshots.

By Peter Parrish | 2 Feb 2015 | 0

Sui Generis: Interview with Bare Mettle’s Madoc Evans

Sui Generis, developed by Bare Mettle Entertainment, is hoping to reinvigorate the RPG concepts of interactive freedom and storytelling-through-character.

By David Reid | 2 Feb 2015 | 8