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GTA 5 PC patch notes for 335.1 (1.02) released by Rockstar

Naturally, just a few minutes after I’d finished writing the previous ‘GTA 5 patch released without notes’ story, Rockstar released the patch notes.

21 Apr 2015 | 0 |

Dance waltzes through his Witcher 3 role in new video

As you may or may not have already known, Charles Dance will be voicing The Witcher 3’s Emhyr var Emreis (the Emperor of Nilfgaard); a person who has certain similarities with one Tywin Lannister.

21 Apr 2015 | 0 |

WWE 2K15 PC version finally confirmed

Clues that WWE 2K15 was coming to the PC have been popping up since September last year, so it’s not a huge surprise that the game is now confirmed for our platform.

21 Apr 2015 | 0 |

GTA 5 PC patch 1.02 appears, without notes

Both the Rockstar Social Club and Steam versions of GTA 5 have received a new patch today, but as with the last one it’s not accompanied (yet) by any notes.

21 Apr 2015 | 0 |

King’s Quest trailer peeks behind-the-scenes

A behind-the-scenes trailer for the new King’s Quest has been released, giving us a glimpse of The Odd Gentlemen’s vision for the game.

21 Apr 2015 | 0 |

The Evil Within screens show us The Consequence

A batch of new screens for The Evil Within‘s second DLC episode show us The Consequence of playing it.

21 Apr 2015 | 0 |

Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s third DLC pack announced

The third set of DLC for Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been detailed, with content from the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F movie included.

21 Apr 2015 | 0 |

Mad Max screenshots feature cars, punching and deserts

These newly released screenshots (well, sort of, they were in a famous retailer-owned games magazine a little while back) of Avalanche’s Mad Max get right to the point of the series.

21 Apr 2015 | 0 |

Mortal Kombat X patches will come with free skins

A twitter post from NetherRealm’s Ed Boon suggests that free character costume skins will be a feature of major Mortal Kombat X patches for the foreseeable future.

20 Apr 2015 | 0 |

Star Wars: Battlefront dev trailer goes big on authenticity

There’s not a whole lot of new information in this ‘Developer Diary’ (aka ‘advert’) trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront, but what little there is pushes the message of authenticity.

20 Apr 2015 | 0 |

GTA 5 iFruit App with PC support now available for Android and iOS

Rockstar has finally got the GTA 5 mobile app working for the PC version and it’s out now.

20 Apr 2015 | 3 |

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China sets out on 21 April

The first part of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, informatively titled China, will set out on a quest for vengeance on 21 April.

20 Apr 2015 | 0 |

Heroes of the Storm launches 2 June, open beta soon

Blizzard has announced that its Warcraft/StarCraft/Diablo mashup MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, will leave beta on 2 June.

20 Apr 2015 | 0 |

Rin joins the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 cast

Young Obito and Young Kakashi will be joined by their final team member, Rin, in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

20 Apr 2015 | 0 |

GTA 5 VorpX setup guide for the Oculus Rift

VorpX share some tips on how to get the most from GTA 5 in the Oculus Rift.

20 Apr 2015 | 0 |

Path of Exile: The Awakening beta starts today – This is how it will work

Grinding Gear Games are all set for the launch of the Path of Exile: The Awakening beta and they explain how it will work and what changes to expect.

20 Apr 2015 | 0 |

Majority of IncGamers readers held out for GTA 5 on PC

If Rockstar’s cunning plan was to delay the PC version of GTA 5 so much that people double-dipped with console versions, it was only a partial success on the IncGamers readership.

19 Apr 2015 | 0 |

H1Z1 Test Server is now live to push more stable builds

Now H1Z1  players can test out new features in advance of another Early Access update.

18 Apr 2015 | 1 |

Mortal Kombat X gets a tiny 15GB patch, free Krypt Koins

Mortal Kombat X has just been given a rather sizeable patch (that doesn’t actually fix a great deal) alongside a few free Krypt Koins as an apology for the problems.

18 Apr 2015 | 4 |