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Mo’ MOBAs: BigPoint’s Merc Elite MOBA to be unveiled at GamesCom

I don’t even know what counts as a MOBA any more.

By Peter Parrish | 20 Aug 2013 | Comments Off

A Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: Part Two – The Heroes

Quick Menu

The Basics
The Heroes – Part 1
The Heroes – Part 2
Situational Items
Playing Support


By Tim McDonald | 3 Aug 2013 | 4

The Secret is Out: Every PC Game Should be a MOBA

Did you know that DOTA 2 made Valve more money in the time it’s taking you to read this sentence than 95% of other game genres will earn in their entire lifetimes?

By Peter Parrish | 20 Jul 2013 | 8

SMITE gets new Arena mode

Hi-Rez studios has announced the addition of a new arena mode for their MOBA title SMITE.

By Paul Younger | 1 Nov 2012 | Comments Off