Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion launches 14 April

The hot news from the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic is that the digital expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel will be released on 14 April.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic adds 2 million players since going F2P

Star Wars: The Old Republic didn’t do too well in its first year with the players dropping off sharply after launch.  

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Neverwinter beta key giveaway

This weekend Perfect World will be holding their third beta test weekend for Cryptic’s upcoming MMO.

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Old School Runescape launches for all Runescape members

Jagex has been polling their readers for a few weeks now for the Old School Runescape service which has received nearly half a million votes and today the game launched for all Runescape players.

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Tomb Raider is reborn in video

Tomb Raider is due out next week and has so far as fared quite well in console review scores. 

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Defiance goes competative in new trailer

The latest trailer to be releases for the MMO shooter Defiance from TRION focuses on the game’s competitive multiplayer.

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ArenaNet removes Guild Wars 2 Paid Tournaments

In an effort to encourage highly competitive gameplay, a paid tournament system was added to Guild Wars 2 but now it is no longer required says ArenaNet.

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GWOnline joins Colin Johanson for Guild Wars 2 community day

We love our communities here at IncGamers, so when we were asked to send a community member down to London for a special Guild Wars 2 community day we jumped at the opportunity.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn about to enter closed beta

Next week Square will be launching the closed beta test for their MMO reboot FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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The Secret World Issue #6 revealed by Funcom

The next chapter in The Secret World has been revealed as The Last Train to Cairo which is due to launch some time in March.

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Guild Wars 2’s Flame and Frost incoming and PvP tournament changes

A double dose of Guild Wars 2 news this morning covering the next content update and PvP tournament changes.

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Mandatory Guild Wars 2 password changes being implemented

Don’t panic, there has not been some mass hack or anything like that, ArenaNet are wanting to make sure all Guild Wars 2 players have secure passwords.

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RaiderZ: Broken Silence set to expand the MMO

Perfect World has announced an expansion for their monster hunting MMO RaiderZ which will add more content and features for players.

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Bethesda on The Elder Scrolls Online beta confirmation email problem

If you have signed up for the The Elder Scrolls Online beta which opened up this week and failed to receive a confirmation email, fear not, they are aware of the problem and issued a statement earlier this evening.

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Funcom closes Beijing Studio

Funcom are still in the process of scaling down their operations as part of their majotr restructuing and today they have shut down their Beijing Studio.

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Executive Producer Scott Hartsman leaves RIFT and TRION

There’s not doubt that RIFT is one of the most polished and successful MMOs in recent times and today Executive Producer Scot Hartsman has decided to move on from TRION and RIFT.

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Firefall public Beta testing starts on Friday

Red 5 Studios is about to open up the beta test to one and all for their MMO FPS.

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The Elder Scrolls Online beta sign-ups live

Hot off the press from Bethesda this afternoon is news that the Beta sign-ups for The Elder Scrolls Online are now live.

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Defiance pre-order bonuses detailed

TRION has announced the special pre-order bonuses players can get their hands on for their upcoming MMOFPS Defiance.

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The Elder Scrolls Online lore developer diary

In the latest developer video for The Elder Scrolls Online, Lead Loremaster Lawrence Schick explains ow the game world is divided by three alliances, all with an eye on the central region of Cyrodil.

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The new Age of Conan content Secrets of Dragon’s Spine launches

The latest update to Age of Conan is now live on the servers called The Secrets of Dragon’s Spine.

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The Secret World player activity increases 400%

The latest financial information from Funcom reveals some interesting facts about The Secret World now that the MMO’s subscriptions have been removed.

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Next Planetside 2 update detailed – XP changes incoming

SOE are back after the holidays and dropped a huge information update regarding the next patch which is due out on 30 January.

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TERA goes free to play in Europe next month

Gameforge has today announced that their MMO TERA will be going free to play from February 2013.

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Paragon Studios was unprofitable – City of Heroes had to close say NCSoft

There’s has been somewhat of a mystery surrounding the Paragon Studios and their popular superhero MMO City of Heroes which closed down last November.

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Runescape celebrates 12th anniversary

Jagex have something to celebrate today as their free to play adventure Runescape turns twelve.

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Guild Wars 2 game director teases 2013 content updates

The Wintersday event has wrapped up and Guild Wars 2 players will be wondering what’s in store as far as new content is concerned in the months ahead.

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World of Warcraft 5.2 patch hits PTRs – DOTA style Battleground uncovered

Blizzard has now kicked the World of Warcraft 5.2 patch live on the PTR servers.

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Defiance first Beta test date set

TRION has revealed that the first Beta test for their upcoming MMO shooter Defiance will commence this month.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic State of the Game #2

The Star Wars: The Old Republic team gets 2013 underway with their second “State of the game” developer update which looks at upcoming content for the MMO.

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