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IncGamers Plays: Chaos Reborn

chaos reborn (2)

Rats the way to do it.

Horses with giant blades for faces, deadly rat swarms and left-field views about the institution of marriage are all on offer in Julian Gollop’s Chaos Reborn. Well, not so much the latter, but the term “engaged to the enemy” does pop up a fair amount.

Watch Tim and I battle it out in a best-of-three tournament to determine who is the ultimate wizard of IncGamers. Or, at least, who is the wizard the swarms of rats find tastiest.

This is the multiplayer portion of Chaos Reborn, currently on Early Access, but it also has a basic “skirmish map” type single player mode where you can play against AI mages. At the time of writing the maximum number of wizards in a match is four (unlike the original game’s claustrophobic eight-way tussles,) though Tim and I stick to one-on-one brawls.

The game is pretty faithful to Gollop’s legitimately classic 1980s version of Chaos, with the same basic turn-based structure of summoning creatures and exchanging magic bolts, but has a few subtle additions like gathering mana for a staff which can improve your spellcasting chances. Further additions like the chance to forge new bits of equipment are planned for future builds.

Witness the magical duel of the century, below (720p recommended.)