IncGamers 2013 PC Gaming Readers’ Awards

IncGames 2013 PC Game Awards

2013 is coming to a close, which inevitably means another year packed with excellent PC games. The question is, who were the most excellent titles of all?

The IncGamers team have thought long and hard about what should make the shortlist in the annual Readers’ Awards and this year we’ve added a few more categories. It can be tricky fitting games into little genre boxes (which is why we have one called ‘Third Person Action Thingy’) but we’ve tried to remain as consistent about it as possible.

So, instead of us telling you what the best games were, we want you to tell us. Below you will find all of the categories and you can cast your votes in each and every one that takes your fancy. If there’s a game you think should be on our shortlist you can do a write-in vote by typing in the “Other” box.

On the 23 December we will be announcing the winners in each category, so get voting!


 Best Adventure 2013[yop_poll id=”13″]
 Bets Adventure 2013[yop_poll id=”14″]
 Best Genre Defying 2013[yop_poll id=”15″]
 Best Genre Defying 2013[yop_poll id=”16″]
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Feel free to join in the discussion on the awards right here.