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Gods Will Be Watching Review

Hey, everyone! It’s Invent A New Genre time! I have hereby decided that Gods Will Be Watching is an opaque, point-and-click, resource-management, crisis-management, ethical adventure.

By Tim McDonald | 25 Jul 2014 | Comments Off

IncGamers Podcast #174

Hey, you, podcast listener. Do you know what lanes are? How about carries?

By Peter Parrish | 23 Jul 2014 | 3

Gods Will Be Watching hits crowdfunding goal in three days

It seems like only yesterday that I wrote a story about how Gods Will Be Watching, the rather impressive morality puzzler created for the 72-hour game-making Ludum Dare competition, was crowdfunding a vastly expanded version via IndieGogo.

By Tim McDonald | 19 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

Keeping an eye out: Gods Will Be Watching looks to crowdfunding

I don’t know if you played Gods Will Be Watching, Deconstructeam’s excellent entry into the make-a-game-in-72-hours Ludum Dare #26 competition, but you probably should’ve done so (and, if not, you can rectify thatĀ for free by clicking here).

By Tim McDonald | 16 Jul 2013 | Comments Off