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    Favorite hero / role (dota2)

    I thought this might be an interesting thing to ask. What is your favorite hero to play in DotA2, and also why do you like it. While I'm at it I will also make a poll to know which role people prefer playing!

    I'm not sure I have the privileges to start a poll so the options will be here:
    1. Carry
    2. Mid
    3. Semi-carry
    4. Offlane
    5. Support

    I will start with myself, I prefer the support role in competitive games but I will literally play anything, so I'll choose my favorite hero for each role!

    1. Carry - Gyrocopter
    Okay so Gyrocopter is a really strong carry. There are three things you want to excel at when you play a carry. You want to:
    1. Farm a lot, and quickly
    2. Deal a lot of damage to the enemy team
    3. Never die

    Three of Gyrocopter's skills are designed to answer 1 and 2, he does a ridiculous amount of area damage with Flak Cannon and Calldown, and his Rocket Barrage is awesome on single targets. The third point sometimes gets tricky and that's why I almost always build shadowblade and/or black king bar on him. Aside from that, he's pretty fun to play, has a funny voice, his attack animation is great for last hitting and he has above average movement speed (315).

    2. Mid - Silencer
    I don't only like good heroes, Silencer is pretty much low-tier, but he has always been one of my favorites (even in dota1). I will talk later about level-dependent heroes and item-dependent heroes (in the offlane section) but Silencer is a peculiar case because one of his skills scales with his intelligence. He is mostly a level-dependent hero, but if he gets farms early, he will be a force to be reckoned with. The middle lane is a good spot for him to fill, he doesn't have a great ganking potential, but he does a lot of damage early!

    3. Semi-carry - Nature's prophet
    NP is arguably the most powerful hero in the game right now. He has the ability to do everything, faster than most of the other heroes. He's a super good farmer, he pushes (even splitpushes) like no one, has mobility, disables, global presence and he has a beard. I've put him in the semi-carry role but he is a good offlaner too, he's really versatile.

    4. Offlane - Dark Seer
    Another strong hero, if you ever watched dota tournaments, you'll probably notice he is almost always first ban/first pick, because he's such a great addition to the team. In the current laning strategies, I think the most popular one could be the 1-1-3 setup (a.k.a. trilane). The offlaner is then being sent to the hard lane (where the creeps are farthest from the allied tower) to fight, most likely, the enemy team's trilane.

    This sounds like a huge task but the main goal of the offlaner is to "not die". That's why heroes considered good offlaners are heroes with escape mechanisms (ex: weaver and bounty hunter have an invisibility spell, or in this case, Dark Seer has Surge, which gives you max. movement speed). The downside of doing this is you won't get much gold (in some scenarios, none) because there is no way you will go last hit creeps when there's three heroes against you. That's why heroes considered good offlaners are heroes who are level-dependent (or farm-independent).

    In this case I will take Lina for example. Lina is a level-dependent hero, and the reason is simple; she gets stronger with level rather than with items. Her main damage output is her spell, if not her only damage output, and items won't her much (aside of having maybe a bigger mana pool, but that won't make her spells do more damage). She really wants these levels fast, her first ultimate will just rip apart a lvl 4 support if she gets it quick.

    In the offlane, you're not getting any gold, but you still get exp. from creeps when they die, and since you're alone your experience isn't split. That means you'll still have a level advantage but no items. That's where level-dependent heroes shine! (Lina is not a good offlane though... lol)

    Dark Seer doesn't need items to be good, his skills are awesome in teamfights and a well-placed Wall of Replica can turn any bad situation into a winning situation. On top of that, you can play an Ion Shell on your creeps as they go fight to get free last hits while sitting safely at your tower, this guy is the king of offlanes.

    5. Support - Rubick
    I kept the best for last, this little guy is my favorite. It's almost always a good idea to pick Rubick because aside of being a really strong support, it also means that he has the strengths of the enemy team. They picked Enigma to win teamfights? Well is that so if we also have blackhole? Rubick can get really tricky to play because you basically need to know every hero, what if you steal Visage's familiars, can you micro them? Do you know how Death Prophet's exorcism works? Rubick really brings a whole new level of play and he is by far the hero I like the most.

    So, what is YOUR favorite hero?
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    Re: Favorite hero / role (dota2)

    I've abstained from touching the poll simply because I'm pretty happy to play anything. I guess I'm most comfortable with support, but that's probably just because pub games almost always lack them, so I wind up taking them just to fill out the team roster.

    I'm also not sure how well I can talk about my favourite heroes, either, because I tend to get bored with most after playing them for a little while :D I go through phases of picking two or three heroes that I like, and then just randoming everything. The latter's what I'm doing now, with occasional forays into Rubick (who's a lot more useful now that I know the heroes a lot better).

    Keeper of the Light was always a favourite, though. He can keep a lane down by himself with the KotL Blast (and harass hard with it too), he can farm easily if you really need a fast Mek, he's a walking pair of Arcane Boots that can support any heroes with a low mana pool insanely well, and Mana Leak is phenomenal for taking out people trying to run away. Especially Blink-centric heroes like Anti-Mage or PA.

    You can also really annoy your teammates by summoning them to you.

    Windrunner is also one I'm ssssorta known for picking, and I adore her because she can do just about anything. Shackleshot is one of the best stuns there is if you're decent with positioning, and Powershot is like a narrower KotL Blast with less charge time. Drops off in effectiveness late game, but again, it's decent for lane farming.

    Most teammates tend to assume Windrunner is support, but she transitions pretty well to doing heavy damage if the need arises. Powershot and Focus Fire (the latter reducing her damage but increasing her attack speed to silly levels, and it works on towers) let her push really easily, and if you pick up a Crystalis or Daedalus, she suddenly gets a lot of right-click damage to go with her stun as well as the ability to completely melt an enemy hero with Focus Fire. Damage reduction doesn't mean much when you're critting once a second.

    And then, of course, there's Meepo hahahaha no just kidding.

    What else? I haven't played Death Prophet in awhile, but she's always been a favourite. Area silence + heavy early-game damage + the ability to destroy towers by herself is a fun combination, and I tend to build her with Bloodstone and Heart so that she's almost impossible to put down before Exorcism (the ghosts-flying-around move) finishes. Very, very expensive, and she's not as good a mid as a lot of people think, but I quite enjoy playing her.

    Broodmother falls into that camp too, which is weird considering how arachnophobic I am. As long as there aren't any major AoEs on the enemy team she can push towers by herself pretty easily, and late-game she can get some nightmare levels of damage out, particularly if people ignore her and just let her farm. I sorta hate playing her in pubs if only because people wonder why I always buy Sentry Wards at the start (to counter-ward, because a visible laning Broodmother is a dead Broodmother) and seem to expect me to hop from lane to lane rather than just completely locking one lane down (which is tough because she's pretty web-dependent). Just never, ever pick her if you're likely to lane against Kunkka.

    Razor and Puck are my favourite mids, although I'm usually pretty happy to play Puck in a lane, too. That goddamn sphere does a ton of damage and is amazing for lane harass as long as you have the mana to support it, she's impossible to escape from, and Dream Coil pretty much guarantees a kill if your mid comes over for a gank. The only problem with laning her is that she needs Blink Dagger or she just completely falls off the usefulness scale. Vengeful Spirit fits in here, too; not a big fan of playing her as support, but if I get the farm for a Desolator...

    I'm not great with Enchantress, but she's also a favourite, not least because of the voice acting. Sproink!

    Plenty of heroes I've only got a little experience with, but I want to try more. I randomed Enigma and thoroughly enjoyed him. Templar Assassin is great fun now that I've got her down a little bit more. Io should be amazing with a guild group that has good communication. Etc, etc.

    tl;dr I play most things and right now I'm randoming a lot, but anything in bold is a hero I've really enjoyed in the past or want to play some more.

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    Re: Favorite hero / role (dota2)

    I.......voted for every role . Whilst I like support the least I'll still play it if the team needs it and there are certain support heroes I enjoy, such as Silencer & Rubick. I love the situational play with Rubick. I willplay almost every carry/ganker/pusher/nuker there is.

    99.9% of the time I only play All Random/Random Draft/Single Draft, which I think helps you get a better understanding of not only how to play a hero but how to counter a hero, instead of going to all pick and taking the same hero a dozen times in a row. Sure you will get heroes that you don't like occasionally, but you might surprise yourself and find a hero that you thought you'd hate but actually really enjoy.

    A few of my favourite heroes and why are:

    Weaver - Probably my strongest hero. I don't think he is the best option for mid and should only go there if there really are no other options but REALLY shines in the lanes. He is super easy to get farm with, has good escape mechanics, great harass and there are a number of ways to build him. He can really struggle late game against any half decent late game carry but he dishes out some serious pain early/mid game.

    Puck - Probably my favourite mid hero. This was one of those heroes that I always thought I really wouldn't like. I've been playing since Nov 2011 but probably only really started picking her (it?) in my drafts about 2 months ago and has become one of my favourites really fast. The nuke damage is insane but if you add on top of that the silence and coil she really is one of the best initiators in the game and can set up a team fight perfectly. She's also a massive pain in the *** for any squishies that get caught out alone, she will blast them into the ground in a second.

    Axe - I just like his voice. Seriously though he is my favourite jungler, great initiator and his early game harass with battle hunger is pretty awesome. Pop out the jungle, say hi - carry on farming. Works great in publics on squishy heroes. Generally I just think he's really fun. A genuine tanky front line hero.

    Kunkka - Mid or laning I think he's great fun - if left to his own devices he can do some ridiculous damage late game but also is really strong early game with his watery sword splash of doom. Also he has some really satisfying skills to pull off. His torrent and ulti if executed properly will swing a fight, not to mention his good chasing abilities with X marks the spot.

    My list of heroes I enjoy could be about 35-40 heroes long so I'll leave it there.

    The heroes I tend to like the least are ones with lots of micro - well pretty much only Meepo and Invoker. Heroes like Visage/Enigma/Nature's Prophet I'm fine with - I just really dislike (suck with ) those two.

    ps I didn't want to be the odd one out by not bolding all the heroes.


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