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    Hello everyone!

    As most of you probably already know, I have set up a livestream on Twitch to showcase my skills help newer people to learn more about the game.

    I started last week by commentating a game played by IncGamers in matchmaking. Don't be fooled though I created a new twitch channel where I will only be steaming DotA2.

    The new url is now and I will be starting tonight! The commentaries will probably only happen during weekends though because I need some preparations and I kinda just want to play during week evenings so it will be me playing, probably solo queuing into the matchmaking system, with some random japanese music (I have weird tastes in music but I made a playlist of acceptable stuff).

    I will end this post by thanking everyone who will watch my stream and who supports me, I will do my best to help every new player that needs help! Don't hesistate, talk to me, send me a message!

    Also, there is roughly the streaming schedule I will be adopting:

    Weekdays, 6PM-12PM (mostly solo matchmaking)
    Weekends 10AM-10PM (Commentaries, games, everything!)
    All the times are in the EST timezone

    EDIT : You can follow me on twitter @Yanenrogne where I will be tweeting everytime I start streaming!
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