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    EA and Waystone\'s MOBA title Dawngate surfaces


    If DOTA 2, LOL, HON and the many other MOBA titles don't satisfy your MOBA requirements then there's a new kid on the block called Dawngate¬*¬*which is being developed by Waystone Games and published by EA.

    This new title according to the official website has been built from the ground up and will be a "¬*whole new way to experience MOBA gameplay" featuring a "competitive arena, shaped by ever-evolving, community-driven content and story".

    Whether we need another MOBA title remains to be seen but it's the done thing these days following the success of League of Legends.¬*Registrations for closed beta test slots are now open on the official website

    Thanks Superannuation

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    This is like the stupid MMO gold rush all over again.

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    Niko Mehtonen
    At least they aren\'t as expensive to make. Which of course is what the publishers like.


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