Anyone else tried this game? Tbh I was pleasantly surprised. In fact so much so that instead of the 15-30 minute gaming session I planned on Saturday evening around midnight, I ended up playing until 7 am on Sunday. I can honestly say this is amongst the funnest medieval "fighting" game I've played. Sure there are some weird things in there, like being able to block a 2 handed maul/hammer with a small hunting knife. But I won't give the game too much flack based on lack of authenticity, seeing as how playing archers (the class that use daggers/small blade weapons) have a hell of a time getting kills on their own. Hitting a moving target in this game can be quite difficult, and with the insane reach many of the other weapons have, it's quite difficult to take on any other class as an archer in melee. Anyway down to some nitty gritty stuff.

There are 4 classes, 2 light and 2 heavy. Each class have 3 different main weapon groups, and each weapon group has 3 different weapons in them. You also have a secondary weapon with 2 different groups of 2 (or 3?) weapons to choose from, and a "utility item", which can be different types of shields for shield using classes, 2 types of arrows for archers, or it can be throwing knives/axes, fire pot (sets an area on the ground ablaze) and a smoke pot (basically a smoke grenade). Every class starts with the first main weapon from each weapon group unlocked, and will unlock new weapons after x amount of kills. The same for secondary weapon, I think all special items are unlocked from the start.

The classes:

Archer. Can choose between different types of bows, crossbows and throwing spears. Lightly armored, but doesn't run particularly faster than the knight or vanguard. The bows are difficult to get a kill with on their own, but excellent at mid range fighting to provide fire support. An arrow in the back of an opponent can weaken him enough for another teammate to quickly dispose of him. The exception here is the warbow, which carries a lot more firepower, at the expense of rate of fire. I think this bow can take down other archers in 1 hit, and deals even more damage to the 2 armored classes. The crossbows carry much more firepower, but lacks the rate of fire due to longer reload times. It also has a lot longer range and less arrow drop, and higher projectile speed, making it easier to aim and hit. Haven't played around with the throwing spears yet, so can't comment on those. Special ability is 50% extra damage on to the back of an enemy.

Man At Arms. This is the second lightly armored class, and has great running speed as a result. Can use a shield, or equip a fire/smoke pot. Uses Only 1 handed weapons as far as I can tell. Haven't played this class much, but can be useful in certain team objectives due to the run speed. Special ability is being able to use dodge.

Vanguard is a heavy 2 handed wielding class, which focuses on heavy damage. It also has better life/protection than both MAA and archer, but does not have the ability to use shields. However this class gets the weapon class with the longest range (spears) and a decent long range weapon with good damage (bardiche/halberd). Special ability is being able to perform a charge attack after running for a period of time before attacking. Although the regular charge attack is very unwieldy, and difficult to hit with. But if it does connect, you can deal some massive damage. This attack is easy block or dodge however, so best used on opponents who haven't spotted you.

Knight is the second heavy class, and this is our typical heavily armored sword and shield type class. Can use a mix of 2 handed and 1 handed weapons, as well as a shield. They're the tankiest of the classes, and can be difficult to take down alone, due to the shield. Special ability is being able to absorb a little extra damage, and also uses less stamina to block.

The combat is fairly simple, but can be very difficult to master. There are 3 types of attacks, a slashing swing, overhead swing, and a stabbing attack. You can also feint an attack, by starting an attack, then canceling. This can provide an opening if the opponent tries to parry. The parry works in the you click the weapon, you lift up your weapon briefly, then lower it again. Having a shield directly counters feints though, since you can hold it up "indefinitely". You can also use the crouch button to duck underneath the regular sideways slashing attack, which provides a good attack opportunity. Just be wary of the backhand swing combo.

The maps during team objectives aren't always very well balanced, and some maps can be night on impossible to win on. A good example is one map where you have to light a signal fire as the first objective. When on the attacking side, you spawn almost as far away from the signal fire as possible, and the enemy spawns much closer. At the same time they have a "backdoor" they can use for easy access to the signal fire. If you can get past this, the 4 trebuchet can also provide some problems. One in particular which is very close to the enemy spawn, and thus as far away from your spawn as possible. If the entire enemy team focus on defending the last trebuchet, it can be next to impossible to break it. But if you do manage to get past this point, it's generally accepted that you have just won the match, as the last part is stupidly easy for the attackers. You have to use 1 of 3 ballista to take down 3 ships, and each ship can only take 1 shot from a ballista. So until objective number 3 on that map, the odds are heavily stacked against the attackers.

The other maps seems reasonably well balanced, and are fun to play. And if you can get some decent teams, it's possible to win any map, some are just easier than others.

If you like medieval combat, this is a game you should check out for sure!