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    Looking once more for a single player aRPG.


    I'm sick of all online gaming & companies modifying dropratios so they work in a mass-environment online. So I'm now looking for an RPG game that deliberately removed multiplayer interaction; making sure everything and everyone plays solo only. As to keep it balanced, yet fun.

    Is there a company that shares that vision?

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    Re: Looking once more for a single player aRPG.

    Well, getting a 100% isolated experience with recent games is kind of hard - there's some definite "multiplayer" additions, regardless. However, a lot of recent RPGs and Action RPGs manage to maintain solo play with only minor elements of multiplayer that I think you may enjoy:

    - Skyrim
    - Dark Souls
    - Dragon's Dogma

    Of those in particular, I find not a lot of people have played Dragon's Dogma and it's really worth it. The only downside is it's console only. The only multiplayer interaction you'll find though, is that of the three available pawn slots, two are gained using other player's pawn characters. You can, of course, limit yourself to the "computer" generated pawns instead.

    What type of gameplay or mechanics are you particularly interested in? I can probably narrow down my suggestions to something a bit more relevant.

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    Re: Looking once more for a single player aRPG.

    Secret of mana, it's old, but great.


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