Simfish, you're absolutely right, LoL beat DOTA and in fact all other Blizzard games if you count overall stats.

LoL is in its own genre, though, and I don't think that's a genre Blizzard wants to touch with a 10-foot stick, because it's so oversaturated already by monsters like LoL, HoN, Valve's DOTA and WC3's DOTA. Remember, Blizzard didn't create original DOTA, modders did. For same reason, Blizz won't enter a market like racing games, or horror survival games or FPS games. Blizzard has their 4 key franchises in 3 key markets - RTS, ARPG and MMO, and unless there is a clear entry into another market (there might be, with Titan), they won't budge from sure money makers. They already scrapped 2 games that were outside their "home" genres, remember? They are really careful about diversifying.

I'll honestly be ready to admit when a Blizzard killer game comes along. Honestly. Heck, not even a killer game. A game that takes an equal share from Blizzard, and isn't one of those weird asian games that noone else outside of Asia plays. But history shows, this is going to be tough. Every game that was a direct Blizzard competitior has a tiny player population in comparison with behemoths like WoW, D2, D3, WC3, SC2 and SC1.

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Or we just, y'know, want to play GW2? You could try a removal of cranium from anus.

I'm looking forward to GW2. Played through two of the beta weekends and I had a good time.
I wasn't addressing you, or those who genuinely want to try the game. I was addressing the whiners, who will buy it as if to spite Blizzard, ya know, those with the need to post the next "D3 sux GW2 rox" thread on Diablo forums.