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This isn't GW2 Forum.

Oh, and GW2 is going to have minimal population/support after MoP comes out. Have fun with another "Blizz Killer", hah. ArenaNet is trying to cash grab on the people whining about Blizzard right now. They know that these same whiners will go back to playing D3/MoP/Sc2/SC1/D2 after a few months. This is what happened with every other Blizz Killer, no exceptions. EQ2, LOTRO, GW1, AOC, Rift, Aion, TQ, TL, HGL, WAR, SWTOR.

No exceptions.

But whiners are already ready to give their money to the next blizz killer. It's actually kinda hilarious.

Why does it have to be a blizz killer to be good? I am not sure anyone here called gw2 a wow killer and who cares honestly. You don't have to kill the 800lb gorilla to have a good game. The market is big enough that you can still take a small section of the market and be successful. Also GW had great support during all the expansions and was a fun game through out. Also it is not a true MMO there is no subscription for GW they make their money releasing expansions and that appeals to a lot of people who don't like sub based models.

Not everything is so black and white. It is like saying TL2 will suck because it won't beat D3 and that is just ludicrous since they are not even meant to truly compete but rather just take their respective place in the genre they occupy.