Hi !

About two months ago, I have bought a new computer and screen in preparation of the forthcoming D3. My previous computer was really old (2003) and couldn't match the requirements of modern games using 3D and physics calculations heavily. So with this new computer (and btw a brand new 16:9 23" screen), the question was : what game could I play waiting for D3 ?

I finally decided to give a try to Titan Quest and its expansion Immortal Throne. I have completed the normal difficulty with a Conjurer and ended at lvl 39. This game was enjoyable but not as much as Diablo II. Maybe I'm biased because I have played D2 a lot, but honestly, I haven't felt that fast-pace action that was a characteristic of a good hack'n'slash. Of course the graphics are truly amazing, really beautiful, nothing to say about that. Of course I was able to put all the details to max with my new computer, that helps for sure. At some point I was even asking to myself : could it be that D3 will be even more beautiful than Titan Quest ? I really hope so. Hard to tell with only screenshots and videos on YouTube.

So Titan Quest was enjoyable, but the action and the skills used were too repetitive : too much similar groups of monsters, always the same tactics with skills, large levels but boring to explore, very slow action compared to D2, even with increased attack speed and increased run/walk. I really hope D3 will have a faster action, especially for lower levels. The first levels of Titan Quest, when starting from scratch, were really a pain to play because of the slow movements of the character. Also, several things were clearly stolen from D2, like the arcane-sanctuary-like Hades palace at the end of the game. I don't intend to play the Epic and Legendary difficulty levels because of these points. Finally, my rating for this game is 14/20 with an overall good feeling thanks to the graphics and the mythology aspect.

...Still 19 days to go before the D3-Day !