Am I the only one who greatly miss these franchises?

Heretic 2 was such a great adventure action games and a very underrated multiplayer game.

And Hexen 2 was so amazing, facing the horseman of the apocalypse was so epic, the necro was so fun to play, the cleric had amazing power tome variants, the assassin was a lot of fun (and had imo, the best final weapon of the game).

What happened to these franchises? Nowdays with all these FPS with leveling RPG mechanics tacked-in, the world of hexen could be perfectly bought back in a borderlands style of game, maybe not even requiring the loot part, the game was a lot of fun either way.

Anyone knows what happened to the developers? Who owns the trademark? Recently I really felt like playing Hexen 2 again, and damn, its old school but there is something magical about that game, it could be so well adapted to our current time.