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Thread: Terraria

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    Just an FYI. If you are feeling blah about gaming and need something to put the wow back in your gaming life, buy this game. Just a brilliant amount of fun.

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    Re: Terraria

    Yeah its a fun game ,people have described it as a 2d minecraft but really it's a very different experience.For a start its much more action based and really has aspects from many genres.I'd say the action side reminds me of Castlevania and Turrican.It's far from a pure action game though as there are lots of sandpit aspects to it like crafting and trap building and lots of exploring to do.Anyway theres a huge amount of youtube videos on the game.

    I would warn you though ,though its had a lot of content added since it first started the developers have finished with it now and moved on but it's not all bad news as a new game is in the making pretty much in the same spirit of Terraria but by the looks of it will have even more depth.Check out:


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