A Baldur's Gate teaser site has sprung up late February 2012. The time seems to be right for top down/isometric rpgs. I'm personally very excited to see life come back to this franchise. Baldur's Gate I & II are still among my list of favorite games. Rich character creation (I would really like to see what an updated Half-Ogre would look like), deep story, and the game was quite difficult. The game is apparently going to be created by Beamdog and they have been meeting with Wizards of the Coast, Atari, and NVIDIA. I'm really hoping that we get a game that feels like the original series with a locked isometric view similar to D3 (scrolling to zoom in is a nifty option), but with all the amenities of updated graphics and fresh ideas. Whatever this new game is... as long as the multiplayer finally works correctly without crashing, I'll be a happy gamer.