I was secretly hoping to see D3 come out in late January but since right now things are looking rather gloomy for a release before May/June I'm starting to turn my attention to wasting my time on some videogames instead of F5ing this website every 20 minutes.

I played WoW for some time from the final days of Burning Crusade to the mid days of Cataclysm and got tired of the game for a few reasons:

- Single player content is not enough for me. After levelling a character to 85 I could never bother going through all the grind and unintersting fetch quests with another character again.
- End game content requires too much time spent in the game. Raiding started to become annoying when guild schedules and raid leaders thought their raid should have priority over my personal time so I quit raiding. Single player end content is none, since farming for achievements was for the most part annoying (and most of the nice ones required grouping/raiding anyway).
- PvP is not interesting since it depends too much on gear (which was to be expected, obviously). I don't have time to invest in a game, if I want to PvP I want to have fun, not get into a battleground with people that will wipe the floor with me because they spent 500 hours farming for honor points. To me PvP was always unbalanced because I never invested enough time to have the level of gear that allowed me to play in a skill-matters-environment. (not to say that would be the best at that either, just saying that being owned all the time for not having the gear is not fun)
- At the time I used to play WoW, finding groups for raids and dungeons was a pain in the neck. 20 minutes waiting for 25 guys to assemble plus the occasional 10 minutes waiting for someone that has D/C or whatever... I always felt like I spent 50% of my time in WoW not doing anything other than waiting for people or walking/flying around.

Having said that, any The Old Republic players out there can tell me if this is worth my time (and more importantly, my 55 euros...)? Or will I just find the same issues I had with WoW?

I'm not trying to start a WoW sucks thread - I can see why many people like the game and I admit that it has its charm but it's just not for me. I'm really just looking for people that play The Old Republic that can advice me if the game is different enough from WoW in the regards I've stated above to be worth my money