Okay, I bought this on steam and ignored it for a long time thinking "yeah, that will be a fun gimmick for some Sunday evening".

Boy was I wrong.

This is honestly the most fun I've had with single player gaming in almost a decade.

My question is about mods.

What mod(s) are the most popular or your personal favorites? I'm already going to download the tweak mod so that I can essentially create constant factions. I cannot tolerate the faction switching that occurs at later levels.

I know where to find the lists, I know where to find the mod repositories and the relevant threads. What I can't find, is time to waste researching all of the nuances and stuff they change that I WON'T like. It seems like they all try to be kitchen sink mods with one or two things that utterly rule them out for me.

Anyways, looking for suggestions.

If you're not a graphics ... street walker... and you are willing to wait for 10+ hours for the actual scope of the game to start to sink in, this game will utterly blow your mind.