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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Excited? Worried? Underwhelmed?

    Here's my take:
    -Looks and feels EXACTLY like Los Angeles. I was born/live here, and they nailed it. We'll see how the actual game holds up, but I'm really pumped.
    -I think the more serious story/sweeping American epic is here to stay. Let Saints Row be a completely unfocused masochistic mess. Hopefully they get the Red Dead Redemption/LA Noire story people to work their magic.
    -Fix the damn driving. A game set in LA has to get the cars right, has to get the driving right, especially around Mullholland or PCH.
    -No more man-dates. I'm in the middle of a fracking bank robbery, w/ grenades, helicopters, etc. Don't get pissy that I couldn't go bowling w/ you.
    -Save San Francisco for its own game. I lived in El Cerrito (East Bay exurb), and the Bay has enough stuff to work in its own game, and its different enough from Los Angeles to feel different enough, too. Between the Mission, Embarcadero, Haight, Union Square, San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Berkeley, West Oakland, Walnut Creek, Richmond, Marin County, Wine Country, you've got a crazy diverse and interesting backdrop for a separate game. When you try to cram too many different cities into one game, you get the paper thin cliches of Hollywood, Trolley Cars, etc.

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto V

    I have a feeling that Rockstar (North?) has taken feedback from GTA IV, realized their errors with the annoying "friend system".

    GTA has always had the mechanics for so many things, and I just hope for V they finalize and perfected mechanics such as driving, flying, and mini games. IV was real close with driving.... and mini games. Flying was good in San andreas.

    It's felt so long since a new GTA game.... I want to have hope rockstar has perfected all the IMPORTANT and dynamic mechanics of their game.

    Regardless, the trailer looks AMAZING. San Andreas was only my favorite game only by a little over Vice City, just because of the new dynamics they brought in San Andreas.

    I look forward... although, Diablo3 is going to be a time sucker hehe.... I will always buy a GTA game though, good for blowing time and steam <3

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto V

    Yes! What KornKills said! San Andreas was da bomb, and Vice City a close second. IV was terribad, masquerading as a true GTA. I couldn't even get halfway through IV before uninstalling.


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