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    Re: Old Republic? You goingto play it.

    I'm currently lvl 31 and I'll have to admit I'm getting kind of bored. I've been playing FFXIV on the side and I feel more and more drawn to it. Aside for some really annoying bugs, there are several things that I feel could have been a lot better:

    1. Crafting: Simply put, crafting is more or less moot unless you do Biochem and even that might not be useful for much longer since they nerfed it twice already if I'm not mistaken. There is no skill and very little discovery in the crafting system. It's very much "buy the recipe, click this, get that". Done. Boring.

    2. Linearity: I enjoyed the beta and was prepared for a linear experience in the beginning. But boy does it get tedious! I feel I have no real choice, but always have to go in the direction the devs want me to and when it feels very forced, I don't like it.

    3. Leveling: I'm not a fan of super grinding and that's what made me give up FFXI many years ago, but in SW:TOR everything is the opposite. I like to do everything when I play a game, but trying to complete all quests on a planet is becoming a chore, because I essentially outlevel a lot of quests before I have a chance to do them, meaning I get no meaningful reward. I realize the devs probably want to attract casuals by making level grinding non-existant, but for me it actually ruins part of the experience I want.

    Now, I do think the game is enjoyable and I'm usually having fun when playing it, but as I said, I'm getting more and more drawn into FFXIV, which I really wasn't expecting. I also like that the devs of FFXIV are very much in touch with the community. This is likely due to the fact that FFXIV was a huge mess when it was initally released and Square Enix need to make sure they do their best to keep whatever community they still have. It's also less burdening since the community is a lot smaller when compared to SW:TOR and, dare I say, much more mature in general.

    Anyway, I already paid for another 2 months and I'll stick around until then, but right now I'm thinking of cancelling after that since I don't feel there will be enough to keep me entertained. Especially with the FFXIV 2.0 launch closing in fast...

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