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Thread: Metro 2033

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    Metro 2033

    Just finished my second playthrough, to get a different ending.

    I really liked the atmosphere and sense of desolation you get while exploring.
    Great graphics and attention to detail.(breathing sounds, heartbeats etc.)

    Recommend this game to anyone who likes the survivor-horror genre(even FPS gamers should give it a try.)

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    Re: Metro 2033

    I personally liked it, it had that S.T.A.L.K.E.R-esque feeling to it.

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    Re: Metro 2033

    I just beat it a second time, and I absolutely love the music and atmosphere of the game as they are quite engaging. There are a couple points that take a few too many restarts to get right, and there are a few bugs that are annoying (enemies detect you too easily, and you can't hide corpses, and somehow they can see you in shadows if they are flagged for detection...maybe it's a feature? =P). But overall it was extremely enjoyable, a definite must-play.


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