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Thread: BF3 Beta?

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    Re: BF3 Beta?

    After playing the beta I decided to cancel my pre-order, and not because of the bugs but because I realized the gameplay just wasn't for me. I'd rather be shooting than travelling and with the maps being so humongous that's what you do a lot of the time, travel. I will most likely buy MW3, I promised myself I wouldn't but deep down I enjoy that fast paced style of gameplay and they've actually added some stuff this time around, so maybe it'll be more than a glorified map pack. Either way I still feel dirty giving them money, but I need something to tide me over until Diablo 3.

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    Re: BF3 Beta?

    Wow, when you've hit MW-bottom, that's not good.

    There's a ton of great games out there. Some are older, but Amazon is cheap if you're patient on a lot of older Gems. There's only like 5 "worth playing" games made a year currently.


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