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    GrimDawn : July screenshots

    only 2 screenshots, but it is in pre-pre-alpha and they only have "between 4-6 people who are actively doing work at any given time."

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    Re: GrimDawn : July screenshots

    It looks great, I'm thinking of preordering the legendary fan version to support the devs and gain access to alpha. Definitely looking forward to it.

    Their approach is the polar opposite of Blizzard's: the game is to be actively hostile to casual gamers, employing complex systems to make players push limits to see what's possible.

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    Re: GrimDawn : July screenshots

    I've seen the title mentioned here and there recently, but this is the first time I've looked into it.

    And I just found a new game.
    (It doesn't happen very often, anymore; my field of interest is very narrow, and I'm picky.)
    I'm buying-in to the alpha.


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