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    BFBC2; Experiences?

    I've had it since PSN went down so have only had the online for a few days, and honestly? I'm probably trading it straight back in :/

    The campaign was dull, predictable and way to cinematic. If I want a coffee break in the midst of killing people, I'll pause it...

    That's not what mostly put me off though, I bought it for the online as I'd heard it was absolutely amazing!
    It isn't. It's shameful, and there's one reason for it. The same reason so many games fail

    Spawn system
    You either spawn on a player (who usually has some prat aiming at him, but doesn't have a mic on so can't tell you if it's safe to spawn or not), or you 'random spawn', which on a small map basically means you spawn and get shot dead instantly. It really is horrible. I never thought I'd say this, but it's worse than CoD...

    Other than that (although it's a major thing as it basically stops me enjoying the game :P) the classes are great, balanced(enough) weapons, the vehicles are generally ok with exceptions such as the Black Hawk which can be constantly repaired by an engineer inside.

    Overall though... Seriously, if you're looking at getting it, rent it first

    Is this the same kind of experience you guys have had? Or am I just consistently getting bad draws?

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    Re: BFBC2; Experiences?

    I really enjoyed playing BFBC2, especially online. I never bothered with the campaign (might go back and mess around with it though) but I had a blast playing online. The game is at its best when playing in group of 3-4 people who can coordinate and take down the objectives. I see what you are saying with the spawn system, but I never found it to be a huge issue overall.

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    Re: BFBC2; Experiences?

    It's junk like 99% of the FPS games today.

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    Re: BFBC2; Experiences?

    The single player campaign couldn't hold my interest, but multiplayer is fantastic.

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