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    Skyrim a potential disaster

    If you thought Oblivion was consolized, get ready for more.

    Here's a summary of the damage:

    - Stats completely removed
    - Skills reduced from 21 to 18 (Mysticism, Athletics and Acrobatics have been cut). Levitation is gone forever it appears.
    - Level scaling returns. Except THIS time, once you've visited a dungeon, its level is set forever. It can never get higher level creatures than at the level you visited it.
    - On level up, you can boost your stamina, your health, or your magica. That's it.
    - Spellmaking is gone.
    - You now get perks at level up (sometimes?). This apparently is because people don't understand any system but WoW anymore.
    - No birth signs.
    - Addition of finishing moves (barf)
    - Leveling is even faster than in previous games
    - Game world is smaller
    - You will be forced into one of three roles (warrior, mage, thief) based on the skills you use most. This will determine your useless crafting skill. I'm not making this up. This makes Diablo 3 look like a wide-open design. Utter garbage.
    - PC Players will need to mod their interface again since Bethesda isn't sufficiently competent to make PC games anymore.
    - Spells have to be equipped to be cast. Also, apparently you cannot mix and match spells although that's unclear.
    - The mages guild is gone (there might be some minor magic guilds of some sort, but the old mages guild is no more). Idiocy. Its like Valve deciding to get rid of the half life series.
    - Weapons will auto target instead of hitting whatever you swing near (like assassin's creed).

    There's more, but its just too stupid to contemplate. There's lots of things that will make the console crowd go "oooooo", but all of it is just window-dressing.

    Thank god they will be releasing another construction set. I feel nothing but pity for anyone that picks this series up for a console. You're stuck with rubbish. More and more, Bethesda falls from the ranks. I know people scream over their games, because even in their vanilla state, they are better and more complex than anything the console ever sees. But, I won't be picking this up for at least 2 years unless I decide to start modding myself to fix some of the gross mistakes they are making yet again.

    Very disappointing, but inevitable I guess.

    Modders, you've got your work cut out for you as this one is much, MUCH worse than Oblivion out of the box.

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