Yes, I'm irritating. But, since I started the overrated I may as well make a positive thread as well.

As before, all this list is after is the biggest discrepancies between how a game was received and how good you actually found it to be.

Here's my list:

1. Anarchy Online. This game was/is criminally overlooked. Its also the most wonderfully complex, involved game ever made from a character development perspective. Also, its free to play for the first 200 levels if you don't mind leveling slower on RK then you would in SL.

2. Hellgate: London. This game is actually pretty good fun after patch 1.2 as it resolves most if not all the crashes and lag issues (at least for me). This one should have been a huge winner if they'd had another year to finish it.

3. Might and Magic VI. This game re-ignited the non-action RPG genre in the late 90s (1998). There was nothing to play in this genre for a couple years prior to this being released. It is old now and hasn't aged well graphically. But, I still find it as wonderful a game as I've ever played. I may go home and reinstall.

4. Heroes of Might and Magic II and III. This doesn't even show up on best 100 games of all times lists anymore. If anything it should be a permanant member of the top 10 club.

5. Dungeon Keeper. Sold acceptably, but doesn't garner near enough attention as one of the finest examples of game design ever.

6. No One Lives Forever 1 and 2. Absolutely a travesty that this didn't sell enough to continue. This is still one of the greatest shooter series ever made and its better than just about anything outside of HL2 that's been made since. If you haven't played this and you like interesting shooters, this is your game.

7. Wizardry 8. Not the greatest RPG ever made, but better than anything Bioware has made in years. But, hideously ignored on release because they didn't have a publisher. I'm guessing most people still have never heard of this game. If you're an old-school RPG fan, you could do a lot worse.

8. Age of Mythology. The best of the Ensemble RTS' in my opinion.

9. System Shock 2. Better in every way but modern graphics when compared to Bioshock, but like Thief games, almost no one played it.