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    Ten most overrated games of all time

    Just for another interesting perspective on what people DON'T like, what are your top 10 most overrated games of all time? They don't have to be BAD games, just games that didn't match the acclaim that they received.

    Here's my list:

    1. The Sims. I won't even apologize for this. This game may be technically very interesting. But, its as interesting to play for me as going to work every day. I played it for a night and was so depressed at the futility of it all that I uninstalled and never looked at it again.

    2. Halo. Thanks for the reminder Komskies. This was the entry point for a ton of console players to anything more interesting than ... well whatever was on the platform before that. Not a good game in any way. I installed it again at work to make sure I wasn't being unneccessarily cruel, but there are myriad games that were out at this time that I found vastly superior.

    3. Knights of the Old Republic. Look, I will grant you that Bioware makes the best stories in pc gaming. But, they also produce the worst actual gameplay of any top tier game maker in the history of AAA gaming. I played this game and finished it, so it wasn't a bad game. But, the only reason to play it was the story. I will never understand the mind that can call this the best game ever.

    4. Grand Theft Auto IV. I'm still amazed at how much they packed into that game and how irritating it was to actually play it. I finally just completely ignored all my phone calls and any missions I had going and just ran around until I realized it wasn't as much fun as GTA III for running around like an idiot.

    5. Bioshock. I loved System Shock 2. I looked forward to Bioshock like you can't imagine. I was shellshocked when I saw the end result. Again, NOT A BAD GAME AT ALL. Beautifully realized and wonderfully atmospheric. But, it was much, much shallower than advertised and reviewed.

    6. Mass Effect. See KOTOR. Another tiny set of corridors like their previous game with some buttons you could press to effectively advance the slideshow. VERY interesting and wonderfully written, but again, hugely overrated as a game as opposed to a story experience.

    7. Black and White. Really astounding in a lot of ways technically. Not fun at all in practice. Black and White 2 was fairly enjoyable however.

    8. Neverwinter Nights. Yes, I'm hammering Bioware. Its not intentional, these are just the games that, for me, were nothing close to the hype. I tried desperately to love or even like this game. I couldn't make it happen. I even tried playing with friends. It was technically wonderful and ambitious, but it just wasn't much fun in any mode.

    9. Myst. I hope I don't need to say much here. Again, not saying it sucked, but 5 million copies sold? Good lord.

    10. Oblivion. I am the biggest Elder Scrolls fan there is. I'm obsessive about it. I want to work for Bethesda some day as my dream job even if I have to take a 20k pay cut. And Oblivion is a great game by today's standards. Fantastic systems. The problem for me was that it wasn't as well designed as morrowind except for its questing and its systems. It felt smaller and less interesting than Morrowind for all Bethesda's claims to the contrary. It had a main quest that was possibly the most irritating and "do your own thing"-breaking in this history of sandbox games. I say this every chance I get, but if you could make a game that was 50 percent Morrowind (world design and feel), 30 percent Oblivon (systems), and 20 percent daggerfall (scope and intrigue), you'd have a perfect game. Alas, even the ES has tipped down the endless slope to consolozation.

    There are numerous others, but these are the ones that leap off the page at me.

    Disagreement and discussion are welcomed, but lets not make this a personal thread. It's all just opinion.

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