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Thread: Darkspore

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    Anybody been following this one? Its a new ARPG made by Maxis that comes out on April 26th. It's hard to find any in-depth gameplay analysis, but I wonder if this game has the potential to provide a stop-gap until D3 comes out. Maybe Darkspore + Dungeon Seige 3.

    Anybody have any thoughts on Darkspore?

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    Re: Darkspore

    Actually, I played the beta for a couple of hours a few weeks back.
    It was...I don't know, kinda meh. Gameplay was fairly fun for the first twenty minutes, but felt like it could get repetitive after a level or two.

    But I guess it depends on what you're in it for - I usually need either a strong narritive or outstanding gameplay to keep playing a game past the 1-2 hour mark and I felt Darkspore didn't deliver.

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    Re: Darkspore

    Seemed p cool from whatever I was seeing for it.
    But too expensive, and my laptop too crappy to run it, so there ya go.

    Maybe when it gets knocked down to like, $15 in a Steam sale I'll think about it.


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