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    Grim Dawn Pre-Alpha: Combat First Look (3-28-2011)

    so let the D3 comparisons (and ripoff accusations) begin

    as for me, I already pre-ordered the game last year.
    I can't wait to play it, D3 and Torchlight 2 (and many, many other games: Path of Exile, Portal 2, and Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim for example)

    I don't care how much they all look alike or don't look alike. I don't care about sorting them from most cartoony to least cartoony. I don't care how much they've stolen or borrowed from each other and from other games (Diablo, Fate, Titan Quest, Mythos).

    I just think its great that all these games are coming out and I can't wait to play them all.

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    Re: Grim Dawn Pre-Alpha: Combat First Look (3-28-2011)

    I would like to say it looks like a grittier Titan quest but yeah Im with you on what you say,A game should be looked at for itself not how it compares to other games.Ive kinda put this on the backshelf for games that are closer to release though my attention is spread to thinly at the moment.I can see me getting this game when its released though,I did like Titan quest I just hope they go for closed servers this time round.


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