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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    This isnt a overall top ten (maybe a few more), just a personal one, ranked because ive personally had the most fun playing these games.

    in no particular order:

    Star Fox
    Super Smash Brothers Series
    Diabo 2
    Counter Strike 1.6 + Source
    Team Fortress Two
    Super Mario 64
    Mario Kart N64
    Battlefield 1942

    easy to tell which decade i grew up in ^.^

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    1. Mario Cart - Such a classic, I loved playing this game with my friends and brother (and his friends) in California. It brings back good memories, back then everyone use to stay at our house cos' everyone who lived in my town was pretty insane, so all the kids there were pretty much like family... Except a few annoyed the hell out of my parents :P

    2. Super Smash Bros - Again, a classic, and fond memories with it. Also I love button smashing, and suiciding with people by consuming them with kirby and jumping off cliffs ^^

    3. SC - It's a game I still play every now and then, it use to be my favorite. And I love it. Though SC2 graphics kinda killed it a little for me. The game is inferior but once I looked at those old graphics it kinda ruined it for me.

    4. Diablo 2 - I remember first playing this and when I first got the expansion. When my brother and I first played the game (and other blizzard games like SC), we thought we rocked cos' we could kill the computer. But then we realized a few years later that we were totally lame xD

    5. SC2 - My favorite atm, the game I play the most. I like it, it's fun, neat graphics compared to the old SC, and although the actual gamplay can't compare to sc it's still a great game all around

    6. CS:S - CS:S is just an on again off again thing for me... ocasionally I just like to pick up a gun and blast at some nubs, and that's the only thing CS:S is good for.

    7. Civilization 4 - I use to kill hours upon hours on this game. It was so fun, I never really took it seriously though, I did however make up stories in my head about my civilization as the game progressed.

    8. BF2412 - Not the best in the BF series admittedly, but it's the first I played, and I still play occassionaly, it's fun, it kills time, and I like it... arguably much better then CS.

    9. WoW - I quit playing because of the fees, but the game wasn't really what did it for me. It was the friends I had on there and the hours we played together, it was nice.

    10. Pong - Come on, you just gotta love it.

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    Top Ten
    1) Assassin Creed II: Brotherhood
    2) Diablo II
    3) Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn
    5) Civilization IV
    6) Master Of Orion 1
    7) Star Wars Jedi Academy
    8) Heroes of Might and Magic 3
    9) Neverwinter Nights
    10) Warcraft 2

    Warcraft originally was in my top 5, but it definitely fell because of the superb Civilization offering and my distaste for what happened to the franchise.

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    I find you inclusion of Assassin's Creed disturbing.

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    Half-Life 1, including all of its mods, is the best game of all time. Counter-strike, team fortress classic, day of defeat, firearms, frontline force, garys mod, the specialists, and many many others.

    The official expansions were great aswell, opposing force and blue shift.

    For me, this is by far the best game of all time. Dont worry though, D2+LoD is my 2nd favorite of all time

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    OK, I'm unable to pick one title from some series, because I've gotten so much enjoyment out of them, I can't nail them down to one specific game. So here goes...

    I got a bit long-winded... nay, carried away.

    NOTE: All games are for PC unless noted otherwise!

    1. Half-Life (Counter-Strike, TFC, PVK) and Half-Life 2 - I remember watching tech demos of Half-Life and was blown away. The game delivered, but the mods delivered even more! I played Counter-Strike since Beta 1 when weapons were left-handed, you had to buy the right ammo for your weapon (i.e. you had a list of ammo-types, buy the wrong one, you're broke! Good luck!), the M4 was a loud over powered monster, hostages were retards, the M249 sounded like a paintball gun, but the game was a blast to play. I played it hardcore through every beta, and slowed down a bit after 1.0 and really slowed at 1.3. The game came a long way, and Source is quite a polished version of the game, although it doesn't feel as "tight" as the original.

    TFC was amazing. Its probably the only game I played a 24-hour streak on. Spamming has never been so fun. TF2 is arguably better if you aren'ty annoyed by the item system, which I think is really fun.

    PVK is a little known mod called Pirates, Vikings, and Knights and it is just that. There are multiple classes and the game is well-balanced. They've created a source port PVKII and its actually far superior than the original.

    Overrall: I've gotten more enjoyment out of this series than nearly anything. Great single player, great multiplayer, and oh the mods!

    2. Battlefield Series - Absolutely amazing action experience. These games really bring a battlefield to life. Sadly, the series is becoming more restrictive in some strange aspects, like you can't open the menu when you want, no more free dedicated server software, requires a Steam-esque front-end called Origin etc. But anyway, 1942 was of particular interest since it was basically the first large-scale open FPS and vehicle combat sim. Land, sea, and air. My favorite moments were Desert Combat for 1942, which brought to the table modern weapons, armor, and my FAVORITE - helicopters! Another shining moment was playing Forgotten Hope, a more realistic (by far) 1942 experience. This mod had nearly every faction involved an deverything that was used in the war, its insane, and they were all modeled in great detail for the aging engine.

    Overrall: Brings combat to life like no other across land, sea, and air. Class-based gameplay makes teamplay very rewarding and a slew of fun.

    3. Ultima Online (free shards) - Just wow. This game was practically the first successful MMORPG, and it is so ugly and clunky by today's standards, but a fantastic game is just beneath that nasty surface. Mining, crafting, and running a vendor were some of my favorite parts of the game, along with exploring the vast world and engaging in some extremely satisfying PVP. No other game can compare to how tense PVP is in Ultima. Its like the wild west. The shards I played in, some guilds decided to guard the moongate near Britain. Sometimes they'd want a fee to pass. Sometimes they'd take the fee and still kill you. Sometimes I'd play my thief and steal goods right out of their packs, like their reagant bag so they can't cast spells! There were practically no rules, and it made for some exciting gameplay elements where you could easily lose what you had attained, or easily gain it back

    Overrall: Epic adventures in the game that paved the way for MMOs. Claim land for your own custome house, custom guilds, and even a total player ran economy. Besides that, some free shards are like the wild west. No hand-holding, no sissies. You are not safe until you learn to overcome some serious challenges.

    4. Elder Scrolls - I played Daggerfall back in the day, but couldn't really get into it. Morrowind was released and I tried it further down the road... It was great. The game really immerses you in the world like nothing else. You feel like you're part of something important, but at the same time, you can do what you want. Oblivion is also a great game in the series. The graphics are nice, and some mods even take it over the top. Mods are the best part of the series since so many talented people have fixed and improved upon what Bethesda has released. Those are the best mods, the ones that enhance the experience, but don't break it or stray too far from the lore of Tamriel.

    Overall: Seemingly limitless depth. Total immersion. Excellent mods seal the deal! Can't wait for Skyrim!

    5. Mount and Blade and expansion Warband - This game took me by surprise. I didn't know what I was getting into! I was searching for a Die by the Sword clone, which is a game where your mouse movement actually controls the movement of the sword in your character's hand, so you can precisely slash an enemy where you want. With well placed blows, you could dismember your opponent leaving them hopping on one foot, fighting with just their unarmed hand, or leave them decapitated on the arena floor. Anyway, I thought Mount and Blade would give me Die by the Sword + a horse Boy was I wrong.

    This game gives you an overworld where you roam a continent with your army fighting for your kingdom, which you get to choose in-game as determined by your actions. You can earn cities and castles granted by your king, and then you can upgrade them as you see fit, as well as raid enemy castles so you may claim them too. The best part of the game is the combat. This game defines medieval warfare, its so well done. If you encounter an army on the overworld, like a group of bandits, you'll enter a random battlefield based on where you met them (i.e. in plains, you get plains, on mountain, you get mountainous terrain, forest you get wooded land). At this point, you and your army charge the bandits. You can hack and slash them from your horse. Battles are typically 20-100 participants per side, so its so grand and medieval and battles can last a while.

    Apart from attacking bandits, you can siege castles where you and your army must climb into their castle, defeating the defenders atop the wall while under heavy fire, or you can push siege equipment, like a tower, up to the castle to overtake it. Not only can you attack a castle, sometimes you must defend your own. Bring a crossbow.

    Warband added a mutliplayer component. It essentially takes the combat elements only and pits you against another team. The most epic game I've played was a 100 vs 100 on an open field. It was just like scenese from Braveheart or Gladiator where two huge armies clash. The cavalry would circle around, archers firing extreme distance, and the foot soldiers had their shields up to block the volleys as they approached the enemy. I've never seen any other game even come CLOSE to this scale of combat or realistic feel for medieval combat. And this game is put out by a small Indie team! Sadly, the player count has dwindled, and quite a few have switched to a mod called cRPG that tries to incorporate the overworld concept from the singleplayer game into a clunky web-based system.

    Regardless, I got this game for less than $7, and I'd say its worth closer to $60 like the big titles.

    Overrall: This is realistic medieval warfare, single and multiplayer, bar-none! Claim the throne in SP or smash faces in MP!

    6. Natural Selection (Half-Life mod, and now stand-alone game NS2) - I downloaded this by accident when my friend showed me a mod called The Specialists. Wow, I'm so glad I got the wrong mod! This is one of the few games to incorporate FPS with RTS elements, and it pulls it off spectacurlarly. In a classic Aliens-in-space style, this game is Marines vs. Aliens (Skaraa). The game is simple, marines must destroy alien hive, and the aliens must destroy the marine comm-center.

    At the start of the round, any marine can hop in the comm-chair and he'll enter a Starcraft-eqsue interface. He can initiate construction (the marines on the field must complete the structures -- they're the peons!), drop supplies, buy weapons and upgrades, and most importantly, direct the marines on the field to destroy the hive.

    One of the most unqiue things about this game is that each side is vastly different from the other. Aliens are class-based, and they can evolve from the simple skulk into each class. Marines are differentiated by their weapon and armor or jetpack. Both teams vye for resources nodes.

    Anyway, the game is just a slew of fun. I haven't played NS2, mainly because the steep price tag for an indie game in beta ($35), but the team is making their own engine and everything this time around. I think by the time they "release" it (whatever that means these days), it will be well-polished just as the original was and will be a real hit, assuming they release on Steam or get it published.

    Overrall: Totally unique, and flawless integration of FPS and RTS.

    7. Starcraft and Warcraft Series (Not WoW) - Not much to say. Everyone should play a game in these series at least once. They're amazingly polished real-time strategy games that are just over the top in quality and execution, and I mean every one of them.

    Overrall: Balanced enough for huge worldwide tournaments that pay lots of real money. Need I say more?

    8. Minecraft - Notch broke the mold. No more blowing everything up, its time to put that thinking cap on and be creative. Thats my favorite portion atleast, although the survival mode is getting better and better.

    Overrall: Build, not destroy. Its like an instant gallery for art. Otherwise, its an evolving RPG-ish survival that is still well-executed

    9. League of Legends - My friends played DoTA back in the day. I played it a time or two, but I didn't see what the big deal was. Well, now I do. I thought LoL would suck, but having such a large diversity of unique champions to choose from really got me into the game. Its free, and its in the same vein as DoTA. This game is sorta like RPG + PVP + RTS rolled into one game. You select a champion, equip him/her with gear you can afford, farm minions (or players!) for gold, and the goal is to destroy turrets so you you can destroy the enemy nexus. There are something like 80 champions to choose from now, its insane. Compound that with something like 80 items, and each champion's 4 unique, skills it makes every single game different. The matchmaking system is pretty good, so every game is a challenge.

    Overrall: Extremely competitive combat that requires you use that noggin'.

    10. Doom and Quake Series - I've had too much fun with these games, they speak for themselves. John Carmack is a legend.

    Overrall: Best-in-class deathmatch experiences, as well as classic co-op shoot'em up action.

    Honorable Mentions and Interesting Diversions
    What I like about these threads is how you can find some gems you never found, so I'll let you guys in on some of them! I'll be brief! (Nay, carried away again)

    Here are the lesser known "gems":

    Ace of Spades (free) - Minecraft meets Counter-Strike (sorta). Multiplayer combat where you can build forts from blocks, and destroy them. Simple graphics, and fast action. Loses its cool once your fort is destroyed.
    Battlezone - Fight the Russians on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Io, Titan, etc. Totally awesome game thats FPS + Vehicle Combat + RTS (you command from first person!) and had multiplayer! Nothing like it. Too bad its so dated and very hard to get running. It was one of the early 3D accelerated games, but it was very pretty for its day.
    Bioforge - Ancient adventure game. Top-notch graphics for the day. Basically, you wake up and you've been made into a cyborg. You get to beat a dude down with his own limb, out-wit some robots, and uncover some truth along the way.
    Cave Story (free) - Little-known sidescrolling action RPG bliss. Imagine if Square-Enix made 1/16th of the SNES Super Metroid. A slight touch of story, and badass discovery + upgrades with killer combat
    Crimsonland - Little-known top-down action survivial. Survive onslaught of HORDES of monsters, like 1000s, and get some of the coolest powerups ever. EXTREMELY challenging and very unique. Totally worth a go.
    Cyborg Justice (Sega Genesis) - SNES didn't have games that were as experimental as the Genesis. This is sidescrolling, 3/4 view action combat game. The unique bit is you can tear off limbs of enemy robots and use them. Each part gives you a unique advantage. Otherwise, its fairly bland.
    Dungeon Keeper - Build a dungeon! Semi-isometric perspective, but 3D RTS. Dig out a dungeon to build different rooms, attract demons to your dungeon, and fend off the righteous! The coolest part to me is that you can go first person and control any creature in your dungeon and do their job!
    General Chaos (Sega Genesis)- Again, SNES developers weren't so experimental. General Chaos is different one-screen battlefields where you fight 2v2 to 5v5 with different classes of soldiers. Play this with a buddy, its amazing fun! And watch out for those rockets!
    Grim Fandango - One of the greatest adventure games of all time. If you like this one, check out Full Throttle. Its about as old (older?) and is near the same caliber.
    Insaniquarium - Casual game that put PopCap games on the map. They made Plants vs. Zombies. If you liked that, you'll enjoy this precursor.
    King Arthur's Gold (free) - If you played King Arhtur's World for SNES and you ever dreamt of a multiplayer version, this is it.
    Live for Speed - VERY realistic racing sim. Tires heat up, can have flat spots, and deform realistically. Suspension works realistically too, and all can be tweaked. Hands-down, the most realistic racing sim out there (although there are very few real-life cars).
    Master of Magic - Similar to Master of Orion. This game didn't get the attention it deserves. The manual was as thick as a Webster dictionary. Its like Civilization with less diplomacy and more *** kicking. Medieval, turn-based RPG, with combat like Heroes of Might and Magic. Tons of spells and everything.
    MTG Forge (free) - If you like Magic the Gathering and want to play against an AI opponent, this is the way to go. Supports nearly every card ever made, and you can even load in high quality artwork for every card.
    Outcast - Very old action adventure that looks pretty good, even by todays standards! This game was more ahead of its time graphically than any other game I've seen. And its pretty damn good too!
    Orbiter - Realistic space simulator. This game has a HUGE learning curve, but if you'd like to learn how NASA gets to the moon and back and do it yourself, this is your best bet.
    Settlers 2 Gold - Best in the series IMO. Can get boring, but its pretty neat once you figure out how to get those ****ers to do what you want. Manage resources, direct construction, over-take territory. Overrally, slow-paced RTS.
    Soldat (free) - Imagine side-scrolling Counter-Strike (i.e. real guns) with more explosions, CTF, and a little bit of jetpack action. Multiplayer mayhem.
    Starflight (Sega Genesis) - Classic game. Fairly unique game. You mine resources from planets, upgrade your ship, and destroy aliens as you travel from star system to star system searching for relics on planets.
    TIE Fighter - Perfect Star Wars space flight-sim. Pilot X=Wings, Y-Wings, B-Wings, TIEs, TIE-Bombers, TIE-Advanced etc. etc. Why Lucasarts doesn't remake this game is beyond me. This game is ancient, but its still the best in class. Also see X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter for a more updated experience.
    X-Com Series - Defend the entire globe from invading aliens. There's NOTHING like this game (as a whole). Build bases, buy and sell supplies, troops and scientists, research alien tech, and do some extremley challenging turn-based combat missions.

    Here are some other "gems", just note that they're primarily multiplayer and dead, unless you have a few buddies to dive in :(

    Future Versus Fantasy (Quake mod) - Alongside Team Fortress, this was one of the first team class-based multiplayer games. The main mode is Purge where you "purge the deity" where the spawn of the level is the "altar" and the deity must stand there to cast blessings on his teammates. The enemy team tries to purge the deity, take the relic, and become the deity. It also has deathmatch, and a co-op mode called quest where you level up with your mates as you take on tougher and tougher monsters. Its pretty much an old-old-old school Borderlands set in the world of Quake. Game had a lot of classes: Sniper, Fighter, Android, Wasteland Warrior, MooD Marine, Quake Marine, Cyborg Camper, Time Traveller. Good stuff
    AirQuake (Quake mod) - Totally unique mod. This mod initally allowed you to fly jets in Quake! Obviously this required custom levels, and it had quite a few. This game eventually got polished a bit more and it was pretty damn fun! It had a lot of planes, and helicopters, and eventually had vehicles. They went on to release AirQuake 2 (which was wwwaaayyy better) and finally Military Forces : Quake 3, which had a very slim following, and thus was never completed. Anyway, this was one of the coolest and most unique mods out there.
    MasterSword (Half-Life mod) - This can be played SP still. This was one of the few (only?) multiplayer RPG mods for Half-Life. Its pretty well fleshed out. There's a town, vendors, rats, orcs, giant spiders, skeletons, tons of loot and some unique items. Its somewhat buggy as development has ceased, but overrall its functional and fun! Quite dated though.
    The Specialists (Half-Life mod) - This game has (had) so much action your head would spin, and you couldn't breathe. It essentially captures "the lobby" from The Matrix and puts you in it, multiplayer. Do kung-fu, dive, flip, roll, slow down to bullet time, dual-wield pistols, use an MP5K, M4, M249, Glock 19, SPAS-12 or USAS-12. Its extreme fast-paced deathmatch. Boy do I miss this game. This is so fast action it makes Counter-Strike players look like they're hibernating for the winter.
    Forgotten Hope (BF1942 mod) - (Mentioned above) Features nearly EVERYTHING used in the second world war. It also has most every major battle. I hardly think I played the same map twice, its THAT expansive. This mod just takes BF1942 and enhances it in every way to the extreme. Its what 1942 SHOULD have been. Its very sad its all done for...
    Desert Combat (BF1942 mod) -
    Galactic Conquest (BF1942 mod) - Oh my God, where do I begin? This is BF1942 + Star Wars. Need I say more? You can fly speeders, TIE fighters, X-Wings, and a lot of other dinky Star Wars crafts I can't even name. Use a ton of classic Star Wars weapons too! It also had the ATAT and ATST, and you could speed around 'em with the wire. It was glitchy, and had the same quirks as BF, but oh man did I have a total f'ing blast with this game. Its a tragedy this game is dead.

    Here are some honorable mentions:

    Amnesia : The Dark Descent - Most terrifying horror game yet. Atmosphere is perfect, and its total eye candy. You'll **** your pants for sure.
    Borderlands - I was skeptical, but this game rocks. RPG + FPS in the Unreal engine. You can play through the entire game co-op and its a blast!
    Call of Duty - I never got into modern warfare or multiplayer in CoD, but I really like the first 3 games single player! Endless noggin popping loaded with eye candy! Yeah!
    Duke Nukem 3D - For those in the know, this game was the shiznit. For those not in the know, Duke is a badass, the singleplayer rocked, you could play it co-op. There was a level of interaction like no other game! Take a leak, shoot pool, blow up walls, use security cameras. Came bundled with level editor. Dukematch was BOSS! Especially on your own levels!
    Fable - 2nd was the best to me. Fairly unique RPG adventure with a lot of enthralling diversions.
    Grand Theft Auto Series - Part 4 kinda went downhill. Vice City and San Andreas were the best moments. Don't be afraid to re-visit part 3 or even the first 2 which were top-down view and ground-breaking when they were released.
    Mass Effect 2 - If tons of well-made dialog and story is your kinda thing, then this is a treat. If not, its still pretty damn good. Great action and beautiful graphics.
    Rainbox Six/Rogue Spear + Expansions Absolute best tactical shooter. You actually plan your teams' entry, then execute. Its quite realistic because every corner is a danger.
    Runescape - I don't play Runescape, nor have I ever subscribed, but these guys make one of the few java applet MMOs you can play in your browser. It was groundbreaking, deep, and it just worked! (and still does, apparently!)
    Spore - So mainstream, kiddy, and simple (gameplay-wise), but the space portion was worth playing through the garbage to get to. It seems to be the only part they actually fully developed. So if you quit out of this one early, or dodge it for the kiddy-ness, give it another go and try the space stage. You terraform planets, trade spice, and battle aliens. Very nice!
    Serious Sam - Reminds me of Doom, but in huge envirnoments. Intense FPS. Constantly slaughter enemies. Can play Co-op. Extremely satisfying.
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1, 2, and 3 (not console)- These were great. Seemed to always be more and more challenging. Very difficult to master, but satisfying. Newer Tony Hawk games diverted to more cliche BS with crappy story and dialog, and they got away from the over-the-top skating tricks and combos, which are what made the game fun!

    Some of my fave console experiences:

    Zelda : Ocarina of Time (N64) - Probably the most epic RPG I've ever played. Besides the sometimes glitchy graphics, this game was pure enchantment. Hats off for Nintendo, this game is gold.
    Super Metroid (SNES) - One of the best sidescrolling action games of all time. If you haven't played this, you should grab an Emulator right now and play it. Its that good. No BS story to get in the way, just you immersed in the world to discover as you go. There are so many unique challenges and unique upgrades in this game, and for SNES, its a very long play. Oh yeah, the boss fights are nothing short of epic.
    Pilotwings (N64) - Totally challenging if you want to 100% this game, and its been poorly rated in the past, but its probably because its just so damn hard to ace. Birdman mode is very relaxing after a huge challenge too. Having the "entire" US in the game was a surprise, and very cool.
    GoldenEye 007 (N64) - Some of the most multiplayer fun I've ever had. So many options, although we usually played license to kill with pistols.
    Halo (XBox) - Groundbreaking XBox flagship. I couldn't get enough of this, and some people still swear by the Halo series. This game was tons of fun, but after all the Goldeneye I've played, it got old fast. Controlling an FPS with a joystick makes me vomit.
    Chrono-Trigger (SNES) - So epic, its unreal. Too bad I got into this type of RPG when N64 was on the decline, otherwise I might've tried Breath of Fire, Legend of Gaia or whatever, and some of the other great RPGs.

    OK, wow. I made a massive list. So much for the "Top Ten"... Anyway, hope someone enjoys the list.

    Oh yeah, I noticed I didn't put Diablo on this list. Lets just say Diablo and Diablo 2 are in a realm of their own, considering I'm posting this on a Diablo forum and not anything else! :P

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    Quote Originally Posted by StrikexForce View Post
    Half-Life 1, including all of its mods, is the best game of all time. Counter-strike, team fortress classic, day of defeat, firearms, frontline force, garys mod, the specialists, and many many others.
    Dude yes! Firearms is/was boss! And FLF grenades were room-clearing.

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    In no order:

    Diablo 2
    World of Warcraft
    Counter Strike (not source)
    Mario Kart
    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
    Warcraft 3

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    This is a nice thread, since most of the games mentioned I've never played. I don't think I've played enough games to pick ten favorites but here it goes.

    1. Age of Empires series / Age of Empires 3

    The whole series really shaped the RTS genre, age 3 just happens to be my personal favorite. I also liked the command and conquer series, starcraft, and warcraft 2 & 3.

    2. Legend of Zelda series / Ocarina of Time

    Very epic action adventure games, especially Ocarina of Time. I must play a Link to the Past someday, but I haven't yet.

    3. Diablo series / Diablo 2

    Action RPG games that set the bar, and Diablo 2 was my favorite

    4. Sim city series / Sim city 4

    Very neat city builder games, with lots of customizing.

    5. Civilization series / Civ 4

    Very immersive and in-depth turn-based strategy games. I also liked Galactic Civilizations 2.

    5. Fire Emblem series / FE 7

    These turn-based RPGs feature chess-like gameplay, RPG-elements, and epicness.

    6. Tales series / Tales of Symphonia

    These games feature epic storylines, and large amounts of arguably decent voice acting, and fast-paced gameplay.

    7. Super Smash Brothers series

    My favorite fighting game series, with unique game characters all in one game. I guess street fighter and mortal kombat are ok too.

    8. pokemon

    Very addictive gameplay and hundreds of "pocket monsters". I can't really pick a favorite game here, but the series has gotten worse over time.

    9. Risk

    They made a computer version of this with an Asia map where the classic territory "Indonesia" was broken up into 5 subcontinents with 60 total territories. Enough said?

    10. "Interactive" (children) games

    Someone mentioned pocahontas. Well when my first computer game ever was an interactive game with dinosaurs, and I also played a pocahontas interactive game, Lion King, and a few others. Considering the purchasing power of kids these days it seems appropriate.

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    1. FFX: I loved FF7 but this one just blew my mind. The story in this one was great and the music was outstanding.

    2. The Legend of Zelda: Great game!!!!!

    3. Rygar (NES): This is what I would be doing if I was home sick from school back in the day.

    4. Diablo 2 + LOD: The replayability of this game still shocks me. As previously mentioned, the greatest loot game ever. I only wish I could have gotten into the original like this one.

    5. TES Morrowind: My first game from TES series and still my favorite. Just when you think you've done it all, you find new things to do thanks to mods, ect.

    6: Castlevania series: Many good times playing these.

    7: NFS Carbon: Alot of people don't like this one but I found it fairly engaging.

    8: Tecmo Bowl + Super Bowl: Once again great times playing with friends setting up sesons with more than 2 people playing.

    9: SMB: Classic game even though it was a throw in with the NES.

    10: Mike Tyson's Punchout: Good stuff.


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