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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    Whew boy, top 10. I think I'm just gonna list game series with some breakdowns within:

    - Final Fantasy series: I'm a total fanboy for FF I thru VII and anything Tactics. I started really losing interest from VIII onwards. My top 3 would probably be IV, VI, and Tactics. IV is probably in my top 3 games ever. I also wasted about 6 months of my life on FF IV: The After Years. :grin:

    - Diablo series: Been playing since the original, but a total D2 fanboy. I still play it to this day!

    - Starcraft series: Got started with Strategy games on Warcraft, but Starcraft 1 completely set the standard as far as I'm concerned. Got SC2 for Christmas, love it to death as well.

    - Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior series: The original Dragon Warrior was the first RPG I ever played, and it basically set the course for the rest of my gaming life. I've loved every DQ game from I to VI. I didn't really take to VII+ that well.

    - Exile / Avernum series: Jeff Vogel has been making these games for over 17 years and they are Indie masterpiece RPGs as far as I'm concerned. I've played and loved all of them, but Exile/Avernum II takes the crown. I must say I'm slightly partial to grid vs. iso, however, but the Avernum remakes are real improvements overall. I'm also partial to the first 3 Avernums before he migrated to the Geneforge engine.

    - Zelda series: Obviously! For my own piece of classic gaming heresy though, I never liked the first Zelda very much (!). 2 was awesome (and extremely different), but Link to the Past is one of the greatest console games of all time! I never cared for the 3D Zelda games, but the handheld ones are great.

    - SSI "Gold Box" Dungeons and Dragons series: This includes classics like Pool of Radiance, which is probably the most recognizable (yet primitive) of the series because it was released on NES too. They are old DOS games, but I played those SOOO much when I was a kid!! My favorites are probably Secret of the Silver Blades and Champions of Krynn.

    - Actraiser/Soul Blazer series: I always liked the world-building integration of most of these games, although they implement them rather differently. Actraiser was half-world builder, half side-scroller, which was really fun. Soul Blazer and Terranigma integrated them much more tightly into an ARPG platform that seemed to be a real masterpiece of worldbuilding RPGs akin to Chrono Trigger being a time-travel RPG masterpiece. Illusion of Gaia was ok, but seemed stripped down and missed much of the charm that made the others so great.

    - Metroid-Vania: I put Metriod and Castlevania together because the Castlevania games I like are the most Metroid-like ones, and I think Metroid is awesome too. I kinda think of them as the same game, but with a sci-fi space theme vs. fantasy horror theme. I have to throw in Castlevania II into it as well for the RPG elements, even though it's not quite as much of a hybrid as SotN onward. Again, not that big a fan of the 3D games however.

    - And for 10, I guess I'll throw out individuals (in no particular order):
    The 7th Saga, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Heroes of Might & Magic, X-Wing, Shadowgate, Pokemon (you read right! Gotta catch'em all!), Breath of Fire I-III (IV was ugh!), Bahamut Lagoon, Tales of Phantasia, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape: Torment, Unreal Tournament 2004.

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    anything Tactic
    Woah, how did I forget FF: Tactics on my list? Damn, what a game that was. So much awesome packed into that disk.

    "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    I had intended on this list being short and to the point, but I was having too much fun writing follow ups. Also, to be perfectly honest, if I spent as much time considering my list as I did writing it, I would almost certainly hand you a different list entirely. But this will at least represent some of my all time favorite games.

    1. Final Fantasy VI - this wasn't my first Final Fantasy or even RPG, but to this day I have more fond memories of this game than any other. Everything about this game was epic, from the long and engrossing story to the first ever orchestrated soundtrack (for a FF game). The game's overarching villain remains one of the most memorable in gaming history. Ahh, Kefka, how I miss your maniac laughter.
    2. Diablo 2 - what can I say? You all know and love it. This game is easily in my top 3 "most time spent consuming my life" list.
    3. Zelda: Ocarina of Time - in its heyday, this game set the bar for all RPG's to follow. Hell, all games to follow. It was that good.
    4. World of Warcraft - love it or hate it, this game consumes the lives of millions of people... and I'm one of them.
    5. Final Fantasy VII - little needs to be said here. It has had a ravenous fanbase forever, and its success has lead to prequels, spinoffs, and even a fullblown CGI movie. At this point I think they've kind of overdone it, but you won't find me complaining over a remake.
    6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - I love shooters, but the genre for me was slowing losing its appeal. Then this hunk of beauty hit store shelves and suddenly I found myself totally engrossed by it. The campaign was fresh and epic, and the multiplayer set the bar for all other shooters to follow.
    7. Starcraft II - loved, love the campaign. It's hard to criticize Blizzard games, but if there's anything they do right, it's telling an epic story. You will not find a more diverse campaign anywhere in the genre, and it's damn fun. I've spent more hours climbing the multiplayer ladder than I care to admit.
    8. Age of Empires II - to this DAY I still play this game, despite being well over a decade old. While I never cared for the campaigns in this series, the game blends RTS elements to near perfection.
    9. Dark Ages of Camelot - Oh Camelot, where art thou? Everything from the grind to max level to the epic siege battles and free roaming PvP made this game a must play in its heyday. People to this day say it has the best PvP of any MMORPG to date, though I think that's looking back a bit rosey glassed.
    10. Neverwinter Nights 2 - while this game should have never released when it did, from endless bugs to a terribly optimized graphic engine, its developer continued strong support well past its released, churning out one patch after another, slowly turning it into a quality product you'd expect from a Triple-A title. The game tells one of the most fun and memorable stories in recent memory, and draws its roots from the likes of Baldur's Gate and other D&D RPG's.

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    final fantasy 7
    zelda ocarina of time
    perfect dark
    World of Warcraft
    Asheron's Call

    and more i cant think of all made a difference in my life.

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    Listing your top ten favourite games is one of the hardest things to list according to me but I'll try. (Typing this at 4 am. It's not thought through.)

    1. GTA IV - Great, engaging and interesting storyline with interesting, strong characters, some possesing large depth. Very unrestricted and free gameplay with near to endless possibilities and great game mechanics.

    2. Diablo - (meaning all of the Diablo games shown to date, including D3) The first Diablo features a dark, moody and unnerving setting with a different plot featuring the lord(s) of hell as the antoganist. There's alot of depth to the lore of the universe, making the game both interesting and engaging. Tristram, with it's music is one special place.
    The second one throws your hero into a quest of pretty epic proportions. You get to venture to and through many different settings and encounter many demons and beasts. It has a story featuring one of my favourite gaming characters - Tyrael and the story itself is very well written though poorly executed. The third and upcoming game seems to be a major improvment from the second one with a better executed storyline while still (at least) trying to maintain the general feel of the Diablo universe.

    3. Crysis - The first Crysis was innovative to it's very core featuring the nanosuit and an open, yet linear singleplayer campaign, which gave you alot of freedom in how to manage every situation using your nanosuit. It had a good, not over the top epic story focusing on the devastation of your sqaud of highly trained soldiers meeting the new alien threat. The graphics are the best I've seen to date, even compared to Crysis 2 which has been scaled down for the mostpart even though the engine's been improved on. The game also focuses on the pretty hardcore fps player, being unforgiving if you can't utilize your suit well enough and if you can't hit the hitboxes that are actually sized no bigger than the exact size of the enemies. The AI is only topped by it's sequel.

    4. Battlefield 2 - What can be better gaming-wise than granting you as much freedom as possible? I still don't really know. BF2 has among the largest maps wherein you almost have to use teamwork to prevail. It has bot support and LAN and Co-op and they are all major selling points for me. I'm not going to go deeper on why I love the game, I'll just say that i hope it's topped by BF3.

    5. F.E.A.R 2 - No other game has given me such a strong experience when at the same the having really solid mechanics with good storytelling. The variation of tempo is great in this game and the general mood of the game is much better and more scary than the first game, even though the first one had another type of horror which was also very good. The story is as interesting as it is unnerving. Alma is the creepiest girl i know.

    I don't think i can correctly add more than those game to the list, epsecially not when this tired. But this might give both you and me an image of what I appreacieate in game even though there are alot of RPGs missing here and there are many FPS games. But yes, I do enjoy FPS games alot.

    One honorable mention I can think of from the top of my head is The Neverwinter Nights games. I played the first one at a young age and the at least 40 hour story has stuck with me to date. It was emotionally engaging and extremely interesing. The second one maintained the spirit of NWN. It had a long campaign with alot of interesting twists and numerous ways for you to develop your party. For more details read Sicoms post on NWN 2

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    Hmm, will mention several games I'm suprised no one has mentioned at all;

    Mirror's Edge - Man, this game was such a rush and had such unique gameplay & a perfect world, this game would get the sequal that was planned for it.

    SW:Kotor series - easily the best SW games I've played, and an excellent RPG in a perfect world, the second game would've been finished and polished before getting published (such a waste of potential, that game would've epic if the ending wasn't broken to pieces).

    Shadow of the Collossus - again, simply unique and extreamly well done. Superficially, it barely seems to have a plot but very quickly you realize it doesn't matter. (Besides, if you care enough to dig for it, you find the plot it's just secondary to the game itself)

    Devil May Cry 3 & 4 (but mainly 3) - Yes, the learning curve is insane. Yes, it's totally over the top and sometimes cheesy...but still, you gotta love the style .
    Seriously, DMC 3 was one of my favorite games on the PS2 but I had to revist the game 3 times before I was actually good enough and determined enough to get to the latter parts and actually enjoy it...totally worth it though.

    Mass Effect series - Bioware's storytelling and scrip may fall flat at times (as Zarni said), but they shine so very often in this series. Plot and characterization are both deep (well, mostly. There are a couple of exceptions) along with terrific voice acting & a well-rounded universe just pull you in. Add to that gameplay that is both varied and plain fun and you have a definite win IMO.

    A couple big names I never really got into:
    Bioshock - Felt like the same unenjoyable boss fight over and over. Will admit I probably gave up on it too soon though.
    Planescape: Torment - was spoiled by BG2's interface and understandable story, I guess. Just...played it for several hours before realizing I wasn't connecting with the story/characters on any level.
    Team Fortress 2 - got it with the orange box, installed after a year...gave up after about two hours (didn't compare with my fond memories of Unreal Tournament. Also, I died. A lot. ).

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    10? Hmmm...

    1) Diablo II & LoD - My OCD >,.<
    2) Portal II - Great music, CO-OP is amazing and a little challenging too!
    3) Portal I - Great music and I learn that I have FPS motion sickness T.T
    4) Mirror's Edge - Great music, color, my type of FPS and I too waiting for the sequel ^^
    5) Silent Hill II - Great music and most twisted game I've played!
    6) StarCraft I - It's a Korean thing! One of the few games that I can beat my little brother ='-'=

    1) Plants vs Zombies - Great music and yes, I found the Zombie Yeti =.=
    2) Angry Birds' Series - Highly addictive *Don't buy it!* = Insomnia

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    1. Gothic 2 - Nothing can even compete with it.
    2. Diablo 2 - First online game I really got in to.
    3. Yoshi's Island: Snes - This game has some nostalgic roots in me. Played it with my father when I was small, and still love it.
    4. The Longest Journey - No game have emotionally engaged me more than this. Fantastic story, fantastic characters and engaging problem solving. Please buy it.
    5. Rollercoaster Tycoon - Again, my nostalgic roots.
    6. Gothic 3 - Flawed and bugged as hell - but still the most terribly fantastic games of all time.
    7. Oblivion - I have always been a Gothic-guy, but this is a terribly addicting game! Endless of possibilities with mods.
    8. Fifa series - I love football and I think about it all the time. I need a football game on this list.
    9. Gothic 1 - Start of my all time series of favorite games.
    10. World of Warcraft - I stopped playing this before I got too addicted. This game allows you to play hundreds of hours without stop - completely free of any dull moments.

    2. The Longest Journey

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    1. Diablo - The game that changed the way rogs are played.
    2. Starcraft - Best rts ever.
    3. Guild Wars - Great story, lore and gameplay was solid.
    4. Age of Empires Online - Great rts and a solid franchise.
    5. Diablo 2 - Best loot game ever.
    6. Neverwinter Nights - Good story and gameplay. The modding tools were great also.
    7. Baldur's Gate - All around good game.
    8. Mass Effect - One of the best fps games I ever played and a great story.
    9. Fallout Series - One of the best rpg franchises ever.
    10. Warcraft 3 - Complete awesome sauce.

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    Re: Top 10 games of all time

    Quote Originally Posted by plastiqe View Post
    Shining Force II
    hells yes

    I don't know if I have ten but...

    Shining Force 2 absolutely
    Sonic 3
    Dragon Warrior VII
    Raiden & Raiden II
    Resident Evil series
    Soul Calibur
    Advance Wars 1&2
    Castlevania SotN I like the whole series but the quintessential metroidvania gets my pick

    somebody mentioned TFC, that might be my one PC game that makes the list

    I seem to have a lot of turn-based strategy which is no surprise, I don't really care for the resource management of RTS

    could also mention Fire Emblem and the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series

    I didn't really care for Final Fantasy Tactics, should've mentioned that in the other thread


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