Whew boy, top 10. I think I'm just gonna list game series with some breakdowns within:

- Final Fantasy series: I'm a total fanboy for FF I thru VII and anything Tactics. I started really losing interest from VIII onwards. My top 3 would probably be IV, VI, and Tactics. IV is probably in my top 3 games ever. I also wasted about 6 months of my life on FF IV: The After Years. :grin:

- Diablo series: Been playing since the original, but a total D2 fanboy. I still play it to this day!

- Starcraft series: Got started with Strategy games on Warcraft, but Starcraft 1 completely set the standard as far as I'm concerned. Got SC2 for Christmas, love it to death as well.

- Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior series: The original Dragon Warrior was the first RPG I ever played, and it basically set the course for the rest of my gaming life. I've loved every DQ game from I to VI. I didn't really take to VII+ that well.

- Exile / Avernum series: Jeff Vogel has been making these games for over 17 years and they are Indie masterpiece RPGs as far as I'm concerned. I've played and loved all of them, but Exile/Avernum II takes the crown. I must say I'm slightly partial to grid vs. iso, however, but the Avernum remakes are real improvements overall. I'm also partial to the first 3 Avernums before he migrated to the Geneforge engine.

- Zelda series: Obviously! For my own piece of classic gaming heresy though, I never liked the first Zelda very much (!). 2 was awesome (and extremely different), but Link to the Past is one of the greatest console games of all time! I never cared for the 3D Zelda games, but the handheld ones are great.

- SSI "Gold Box" Dungeons and Dragons series: This includes classics like Pool of Radiance, which is probably the most recognizable (yet primitive) of the series because it was released on NES too. They are old DOS games, but I played those SOOO much when I was a kid!! My favorites are probably Secret of the Silver Blades and Champions of Krynn.

- Actraiser/Soul Blazer series: I always liked the world-building integration of most of these games, although they implement them rather differently. Actraiser was half-world builder, half side-scroller, which was really fun. Soul Blazer and Terranigma integrated them much more tightly into an ARPG platform that seemed to be a real masterpiece of worldbuilding RPGs akin to Chrono Trigger being a time-travel RPG masterpiece. Illusion of Gaia was ok, but seemed stripped down and missed much of the charm that made the others so great.

- Metroid-Vania: I put Metriod and Castlevania together because the Castlevania games I like are the most Metroid-like ones, and I think Metroid is awesome too. I kinda think of them as the same game, but with a sci-fi space theme vs. fantasy horror theme. I have to throw in Castlevania II into it as well for the RPG elements, even though it's not quite as much of a hybrid as SotN onward. Again, not that big a fan of the 3D games however.

- And for 10, I guess I'll throw out individuals (in no particular order):
The 7th Saga, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Heroes of Might & Magic, X-Wing, Shadowgate, Pokemon (you read right! Gotta catch'em all!), Breath of Fire I-III (IV was ugh!), Bahamut Lagoon, Tales of Phantasia, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape: Torment, Unreal Tournament 2004.