In no real order.

FFVI - Best Jrpg ever.

WoW - I spent 4 years into this so yeah, it does rank high.

Quake 2 DM / Quake III Arena / Quake Live - Granddaddy of fps games. Nothing more, nothing less.

Diablo 2 - Best hack n' slash rpg ever.

Tribes 2 / TribesNext - best team based shooter.

Starcraft 1 / 2 - The nr 1 RTS ever.

Battlefield 2 - My most played shooter game. Ahh, karkand 64 infantry

Stunt Gp - Best driving game ever. You can throw flatout 2 away after you've played it.

Metal Gear Solid series - The best adventure / action game series for consoles.

FFX(-2) - The second best final fantasy. Pure win.

All metroid games - When you just can't pick. Fusion had horror, Zero Mission was perfect, Super Metroid was legendary.

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9. Half Life 2 - the perfect shooter in terms of atmosphere, pacing and "we aren't going to force-feed you the story like Bioware you lazy punk" storytelling.