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    Top 10 games of all time

    I find these sorts of lists fascinating. What are the best 10 games you ever played, IN ORDER? Whatever criteria you like.

    I will start, and my criteria will be total enjoyment experienced and average level of enjoyment while playing.

    1. Everquest - far and away. By a factor of 100. There never has been and never will be anything to match EQ in my lifetime.

    2. Anarchy Online - this will stun many because of its launch, but this is easily the most underrated game in the history of gaming.

    3. Civilization - (2 primarily and to some degree IV). I once played Civ2 for 32 hours straight.

    4. Baldur's Gate 2 - best single player RPG ever. There will never be a strategic RPG this good again based on the current trend.

    5. Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and 3 with expansions (two more than three). VERY close to as addictive as Civ. The series should have just ended after HOMM3 though.

    6. Might and Magic VI - sentimental pick. This was my first rpg and I played hundreds of hours in this world. I still play it every few years just for nostalgia. This was an important game because when it came out there was flat-out nothing else going on in the RPG genre and hadn't been for years.

    7. Diablo 2 - Fiendishly addictive and if I didn't burn out after a few weeks every ladder I'd move this higher. Its the fact that I've essentially had to play this game alone that burns me out. The one season when I sort of pooled with a couple other guys was far and away the best its been. If it was like that all the time, this would go higher.

    8. World of Warcraft (Original release only) - what can I say. Even if it has made the genre more "accessible", its done so brilliantly.

    9. Half Life 2 - the perfect shooter in terms of atmosphere, pacing and "we aren't going to force-feed you the story like Bioware you lazy punk" storytelling.

    10. Deus Ex - One of the most important games of all time and the only brilliant action-RPG I'm aware of besides system shock 2 (Bioshock isn't on the list).

    Honorable Mentions:
    Master of Orion II - Flawed, but great
    Dungeon Keeper - I want this on the top 10, and I want a sequel that doesn't suck
    Lord of the Rings Online - a solid game if you go into it with a casual mindset
    NOLF 1 and 2 - completely unexpected and a crime that it didn't sell enough to continue
    Age of Mythology - the best RTS I've ever played
    Team Fortress Classic - it kills me to not have this on the list, but it sort of is with HL2
    Portal - short on time invested, but it qualifies for sheer unexpected brilliance
    Quake - after almost 15 years this is still an example of great level design.
    XCom - In the discussion for greatest game design in history
    The Elder Scrolls Series, but its falling into decline. The best of series is pretty obviously Morrowind.
    Fear (only the first one). Cheesy, campy and sometimes clunky, but it nailed it enough to make me actually finish it. I RARELY finish games.

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