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    Earliest Diablo style game

    It might surprise people how far back games with similar style to Diablo go.I had this game Tower of souls on my Amiga though in place of a quest sytem it was more puzzle based.It had many things in common from spells of different types from AoE to buff and healing.It had a very graphic distillery for making potions that could be compared to the Horadric cube.There were no shops so you depended on finding stuff ,gold was actually used to buy a save point but you could use items instead.

    Distillery system

    key system

    Anyway i think its interesting to see the history of how the Isomatrix ARPG came about so does anyone else remember any games that were as similar to this around the same period (1995)or earlier(or at least before Diablo).

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    Re: Earliest Diablo style game

    well even if it isnt graphic diablo itself is mianly a graphic skin to moria/angband without the LotR stuff


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