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    Re: Starcraft 2

    Valkyries were cool

    Arbiter was the cloaker for 'toss
    and yes, scout was the name of the basic protoss air. Same with corsairs too.

    Zerg has really been improved from SC1 in terms of mechanics. Now if we get that balance right >_>

    At least cannonrush isn't as cheap as 4pool (it's just stupid...) or korean 4gate, also known as "You gas you die.". (because if people fend it off it's GG for you.

    I don't play vs players much, if I do, it's with a friend in silver leaque.

    @seck That obviously isn't the real IdrA, just a humorous vid about him

    I can't believe why they would nerftanks + reapers in 1.1.
    I would have pushed the marauder shell upgrade futher and/or marine shield upg down by 5-10 hp. and/or raised their costs.

    Zealot should be the counter vs marauders but charge takes loads of time to research, you get it later when terran already has those bloody shellmarauders and don't get me started about PvT MMGM balance.


    I'm going to do those brutal missions now. 10 down, 19 to go.

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