Well, recently I looked into WoW and tried out the free trial. I was surprised to find that it's actually fun as heck. But, unfortunately, there is no way I can afford to pay monthly (no "ZOMG $15 IS SO CHEAP!!!!" please, I'm not old enough to get a job and wouldn't dare to ask my parents to pay for it). Even if I wanted to go on a private server (which I don't; real game please) it would still cost me a good $100+ since I would have to buy all of the expansions. (But! I heard there's news that they might make WoW free to play in the future when Blizz's new MMO comes out! Hurray!)

Anyways, to the point: anyone have any recommendations for a good, free MMORPG? There's so many to choose from and I have no clue where to start, so a few good words about a MMORPG would be quite appreciated. I'm leaning toward a fantasy/medieval setting and something with lots of people. I thank anyone who can give me some suggestions ^.^

P.S. Whenever someone mentions Runescape to me Diablo kills a kitten... THINK OF THE KITTENS!