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    Browser Games?

    Has anyone played any browser based games like have just recently started playing them and sort of like it.What is anyone elses thoughts on this,and do any of you know of any different kinds of browser based rpgs,and where to play them?

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    Re: Browser Games?

    A while ago I played Fallen Sword. It's a grinder of a game, but it's actually pretty fun. Find yourself a decent guild (I was in Werewolves of the Silver Moon) and you'll be set.

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    Re: Browser Games?

    I'm not such a big fan. I've searched endlessly before to find a decent one, but most are sidescrollers, RTS, text based, and turn based (I know, I'm picky). I personally like 3D MMORPG-ish environments (though I know that it's certainly a high expectation for browser games, hence why I never find anything x_x) and I like being immersed in the game. Unfortunately, the only browser games that have that criteria weren't taken very seriously, and were more like a rookie's project. I've also found a few that are meant for small children too... but I think the average Diablo player wouldn't bother with that (such irony, kids get better MMORPGs!).

    And, as much as I don't like Runescape, it is certainly the most impressive I've seen for a browser game. Compared to any other though I find it quite crappy. Then there's also Adventure Quest, though turn based it was sort of amusing for me. Not too bad when you're stranded on a computer where you can't download anything.


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