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    Starting a party at Ultima Online: Endor, want to join?

    Hi everyone,
    ever heard of Ultima Online?wiki Good.

    There's a free UO server called Endor. In my opinion, it went far beyond the quality of even some official servers. The map and graphics is spectacular (for an older 2d "diablo-like" game). The game system and rules are quite difficult, but rewarding if played well. PvM is slower, more like D1, where good positioning and tactics means a lot. PvP is fast, quick reflexes reliant. It's much more party cooperation oriented, tactical system, where every mistake can be fatal. It has a lot of graphics inspired by Baldurs Gate and Diablo.. well just see it for yourself.

    I plan to make a party of 10 people to play together, solving puzzles in dungeons and get treasures, fight other player parties, help each other. I already have about 5 friends, which might be available.

    From my D2 experience, this forum contains a lot of fair people, which would make a succesfull, friendly party. So if anyone is interested, be it an UO newbie or experienced gamer let me know and I will help you get started. The server is located in central Europe (Czech), but admins support foreign users and international community. The connectivity shouldn't be a problem.

    To begin, use forum registration, the game account will be created shortly. You can also use my recommendation link to register:

    If you need any help, ask here, pm or email me.

    If you decide to play but alone, have fun and see you there killing rats and slimes in newbie dungeon - sewers :-)

    Here's some official info:
    Trailer (one of them):
    Detailed UO and allowed 3rd party software install howto (fanpage):
    (basically, you just download the game, install (dont use ProgramFiles folder on Vista), use official patcher plus run UO in 2D mode once, then download and run Endor patcher and you are ready to play)
    Forum - english section:

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    Re: Starting a party at Ultima Online: Endor, want to join?

    The rampant griefing reported in this game put me off too much to try this.

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    Re: Zarniwoop

    Yeah, well knowledge is power, especially when it comes to safe places to level up :-)

    The newbie dungeon is protected from player killers and the first low level dungeon has a level cap for entering. But other then that, always be on your guard for bandits...


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