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    New tactical RPG in VERY early stages...

    It doesn't really have a name (that I'm aware of ) and the site is just a forum for now, but I've been over there for the last few months trying to give ideas and help to sort out the game and character mechanics and story. It's going to be a 2D isometric Fantasy RPG with a somewhat tactical and rather unique battle system (turn-based), a rich history and storyline, and a quite involved character system:

    The guy heading up the project is a smart cookie and has a lot of really good ideas, but there aren't very many people involved at the moment and the board is a little slow. Anyone who would like to look around, comment on ideas, add ideas, or get involved in the development is more than welcome to come and check it out! It is a purely volunteer project and community involvement is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Anyone interested in gaming development and/or old-school style RPGs should come on over!!

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    Re: New tactical RPG in VERY early stages...



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